Pokémon Sleep Sneak is the Hardest Game in the Series

Pokémon The games are usually not difficult. Because RPGs are meant to be an all-ages affair, overcoming them is often all about knowing their type advantages and hitting an enemy’s weakness for a one-shot knockout. So it’s like fan-made rules Nuzlocke it has become: Players must find ways to make the game more challenging. However, it looks like The Pokémon Company may have released its hardest. Pokémon game of the whole week: Pokémon Sleep.

As we are often told growing up, grown people are advised to move. seven to eight hours of sleep every night to feel well rested, but the average person ends with less than seven. As a sleep aid application, Pokémon Sleep it will tell you this in the tutorial section as soon as you install it. However, let me show you a screenshot of my first night using the app:

A Pokemon Sleep screenshot shows a sleep time of five hours and 42 minutes.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

In my case, I’ve dealt with insomnia, which usually has me waking up at least once or twice a night before I really need to get up and do something. I started hitting the gym in the morning to take advantage of it, but it’s probably the fact that I haven’t gotten close to eight hours of sleep consistently in seven years. Meanwhile, Pokémon Sleep It gives you extra rewards for sleeping closer and longer to the target time of eight and a half hours. It feels like my progress in this game and that of other insomniacs are out of our control. We cannot stand up and grind to overcome this challenge because that backfires. Wanna grind for shines? Close your eyes and start counting Mareep, son of a bitch.

The problem is, for some there really isn’t much point in trying. Pokémon Sleep When they know they can’t reach the numbers they really need to make progress in practice. Despite the standards we strive to have, sleep is not a universal experience for some and can come from a multitude of factors that do not fall asleep easily.

reads a tweet "As a person with PTSD, getting enough sleep has been a lifelong struggle.  So I think I should pass on Pokemon Sleep.  I have habits that work for me and I don't want to deal with them.  It's a shame because the concept looks fun, just not for me."

On top of that, some of us aren’t able to sleep that long or consistently because our adult responsibilities dictate so much of our time.

reads a tweet "I don't legally know how you get more than 6 hours of sleep if you're over 12."

especially, Pokémon Sleep it lets you record up to two sleep sessions per day, so if you want to spice up the numbers, you can do it by taking a nap. at least 90 minutes. I’m pretty fond of 15-minute naps too, so it doesn’t help me. But if you’re looking for a stealthy hack to grind those numbers, it’s an option.

I only have two days to use it. Pokémon Sleep (and I managed to get more sleep by skipping the gym this morning), but I’m not sure I’ve found it particularly helpful yet. Still, I ordered the Pokémon Go Plus+ to see if it helps elevate the experience. In the meantime, I guess I will continue to listen to the recordings that the application makes every night. The only thing it really records is my tossing and turning. RIP to those who have less flattering voiceovers.



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