Kingdom’s Tears Line

12 May 2023, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It’s broadcast day and the temperature in New York City is dangerously approaching 90 degrees. In Midtown, tourists blasted their cargo shorts as bankers sweated in Brooks Brothers shirts and pants. As I exited the subway station near Rockefeller Center, I bumped into a crowded queue of people. I’m mocking assuming this is insanely long Nintendo Store line It’s a block away (I hate the idea of ​​waiting in line), which our managing editor Carolyn Petit saw earlier this morning, but no, it’s at Jonas Brothers Rough Trade.

Hours later, I went outside to sit in the blazing sun for a bit to recharge my battery and noticed that the front of the Nintendo store looked remarkably wide. I’m running around thinking I’m going to grab a copy for someone else. kotaku Who wants to play (I don’t). But as I approach the front entrance of the building on the corner of Rockefeller Plaza and 48th Street, I notice the queue curving down the adjacent street. Sitting directly in the sun, most of the waiting people are visibly sweating.

At random intervals, a large corpse void indicates the presence of a driveway, with several security guards keeping it clear of passing cars. a few future Tears of the Kingdom owners are tired of playing Nintendo Switch. A woman is sitting on the sidewalk in shorts, no-no in New York.

“Oh, fuck it,” I muttered before returning to the dry, cold air of the G/O Media offices. I may not be big Zelda I’m a fan, but I don’t think there’s anything else in the world that will make me stand in line for hours in the middle of a heatwave in Midtown Manhattan.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom lines feel so nostalgic

Despite my beliefs, I was fascinated to see people standing in lines like this all over the United States. Breath of the Wild sequel Feels like a past gaming era has returned; The last time I went to a game’s midnight release was in November 2012. Halo 4 At Best Buy in Long Island, New York. I was 22 years old and incredibly excited.

Over the years, the need to wait in long queues for late-night game releases has disappeared as more and more gamers turn to digital showcases and downloads to pick up a new game as soon as it comes out, and the need for physical media has dwindled. (Although the The effects of the all-digital transition were felt with the loss of access to many movies. science fiction thriller Strange DaysIt’s been nearly impossible to watch without a physical DVD for a while, but it’s been rolling out this year and will undoubtedly impact games soon.) you couldn’t play in 2012 Halo 4 in any way other than two Discs that come in the Master Chief fancy enclosure, but that’s not the case now.

about what Tears of the Kingdom Has this brought the lines back in such a big way? After all, the Nintendo eShop is open 24/7, shuffle every 10 hours and you can download the game right now without having to stand for hours. a few inches closer to the shining glass Nintendo ssmashed the doors. you can play Tears of the Kingdom right this second, no prolonged exposure to the still, exhaust-filled NYC air is required. Next people why don’t you do this?

For many, the promise of special loot beckons you. There are special edition badges (and other “surprise giveaways”) in the Nintendo store, many of which will undoubtedly go for thousands of dollars on eBay. Meanwhile, Target has a fanny pack that people go crazy for. The lure of impossible-to-obtain loot will always lure players, a group known as complements and collectors.

But maybe, despite my resolute Grinch-y attitude about waiting in long queues for a video game, people are happily queuing for the game. Tears of the Kingdom Folks for the vibes. They waited 6 years for the sequel Breath of the Wild; What more could be a few sweaty hours, especially in the company of your fanatical fans?



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