Images of Cyberpunk 2077’s New ‘Overdrive’ Mode Look Incredible

when i visit again cyberpunk 2077 LatelyOne of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience was the presentation of a two-year hiatus. with me a game that is seen and played, path better than at launch.

Two years of driver updates and the magic of DLSS meant the game I was playing in early 2023 appeared. almost It’s like a next-gen continuation of the choppy, stagnant one I’ve barely been through in late 2020.It’s a leap, I feel like some of us It’s about to pass once again, because Nvidia’s new “Overdrive” mode is coming out next week and it looks hot.

Here’s how the company explained it:

A new one on April 11 cyberpunk 2077 The update, which includes a technology preview of Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode, which enhances the game’s already great visuals with full ray tracing, also known as path tracing, will take its place on the streets.

Full ray tracing accurately simulates light throughout the entire scene. It’s used by visual effects artists to create movie and TV graphics that are indistinguishable from reality, but real-time video game full ray tracing was commonplace until the arrival of RT Core GeForce RTX GPUs and AI-powered acceleration from NVIDIA DLSS. impossible because it’s extremely GPU intensive.

Of course, if you buy an expensive 40 series, Nvidia graphics card in 2023, this technology is no longer impossible. This means that “every neon sign, street light, LED billboard, car headlight and other light sources are now ray-traced, washed objects, walls, passing cars and pedestrians are properly illuminated,” and global illumination is included. now practically all light sources cast physically correct soft shadows; this was a feat previously unimaginable with previous approaches. Gamers will experience improved shading with better depth, detail and realism.”

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Cyberpunk 2077 | Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode – 4K Technology Preview

Of course, this level of visuality is not for me. I’m a guy with a 2070 Super and he sees it as a nice but also expensive game, maybe I’ll enjoy it someday in the distant future. Like when I bought a new PC in 2015 and was finally able to run the 2008s the edge of the mirror up to maximum quality.

If you have a 40-series Nvidia card or will get one soon, this update will be released on April 11.



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