What to Expect from PlayStation in 2023

Ghost of Tsushima's Jin is seen standing in a field with red leaves blowing in the wind.  He is holding a broken mask and looking at it, deep in thought, holding his sword.

Sucker Punch has not disclosed what it is working on, but has confirmed what it is not working on.
picture: sucker punch productions

Sony’s San Diego Studio is now a multiplatform studio. MLB Show Available on Xbox and Nintendo platforms. So, while it won’t be exclusive to PlayStation, MLB Show 23 late this year. God of War Ragnarök it was one of the biggest games of last year and also one of the last big games of 2022 and it was released only about two months ago. Sony in Santa Monica There doesn’t seem to be any plans to make DLC for ragnaroktherefore the team is likely to remain mostly silent in 2023.

Sucker Punch could be a wildcard in 2023 as it’s been nearly three years. Ghost of Tsushimabut the studio also seems to be working on a sequel to the open world samurai game instead of a new IP. or the continuation of the previous series infamous and Cunning Cooper. space between Infamous: Second Son and Ghost of Tsushima It’s been about six years, but if the studio is iterating on old systems, we might hear the new samurai sequel later. Finally, Valkyrie Entertainment was a more modest acquisition for Sony, with the team acting mainly as a support studio lately. God of War Ragnarök. As such, the team is probably helping with other projects that will start in 2023.

Wow, I guess that’s everything on the PlayStation radar so far. Did something catch your interest, or are you hoping Sony will announce more compelling projects next year?



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