Ixion, My Favorite City Builder From 2022, Better Now

I wrote a little about last year Ixion, a deep space city building game that combines the pleasure of blasting small structures with some 4X elements like exploration, then wraps it all in a gripping story about the dying days of the human race. I loved the game but also hated it.

I liked it for all the reasons i wrote herebut I also hated it because it was pointlessly stressful at times, and the tightly-wrapped narrative that helped the game in so many ways was also a nuisance when it came to progression. Ixions levels:

Inside Ixion you Always It’s at stake, something you always need is missing, and these things are hard to get at even the best of times, let alone dealing with everything from worker strikes to burning factories. A city builder at least Sometimes it will be a serene experience, because it’s about building and watching things grow; There were a few precious moments here where I didn’t feel incredibly stressed, and I never felt like I had a chance to enjoy a day or two, hey, the fact that we were still alive. A sandbox or free play mode could really help here, but unfortunately the game doesn’t include any of that, just the campaign.

I wrote this in December…Ixion only creak My 2022 GOTY list– and now we are in May 2023. And I don’t know, although the game doesn’t have a “sandbox or free play” mode, it now has something even better: difficulty options.

In fact, it’s even better than that: fully customizable difficulty options. Look at this!

Any new game will now start with a choice of three difficulty modes:


This mod is for players who want to enjoy the narrative of the game and is recommended for those unfamiliar with the city building genre.


This is the intended IXION experience and is recommended for players familiar with city builders.


A relentless struggle for survival; This mod is for Administrators who really want to test their skills.

Want a little more customization so you can play IXION the way you imagined it? Then this fourth option is for you. In custom mode, you can adjust a wide variety of game mechanics to your liking. Tired of constant body deterioration. To close. Can’t get enough workers from cryopods? Change the ratio. Do accidents happen often? Decrease the frequency.

You can also adjust these difficulty parameters via the pause menu in the middle of the game, including your current saves!

IXION | Difficulty Update Trailer

Perfect. This Perfect. It allows us to continue playing the game the way its developers intended, but it also allows us – those of us who haven’t given up on some difficulty and speed issues – to adapt some of the game’s more frustrating aspects to simply adapt it. it’s more fun And that doesn’t just mean making things easier, you can make them More strong if you want!

my initial Ixion The advice in 2022 came with some pretty strong caveats; almost all of them no longer exist, so the idea of ​​building a city Battlestar Galactica sounds like your thing You should definitely watch it in 2023.



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