Three Amazing Unreleased Games We Just Played That Should Get Your Attention

A screenshot from Hauntii with a ghostly character at the center of an expanding, hand-drawn world

picture: Moon Cycle Games

hauntii Moonloop Games’ upcoming double stick adventure game where you play a cute little ghost who has the ability to haunt objects and use them to pass the infinity version of the game. Eternity has lovely, bespoke graphics (almost all painted on an iPad using the four-man crew using Procreate), intimate and whimsical – the perfect atmosphere for a casual ghost game.

hauntiiThe hero of ‘s, of course, is a cute little ghost with glowing green eyes. You can use double stick combat to throw “essence” at objects by destroying those that will earn you in-game currency, or by disturbing those that can be used to move around the playing field. At one point, I jumped on a series of statues that I had to move to unlock the teleport. At another point, I jumped onto a tree waving some money for me, my glowing green eyes staring out of the giant plant.

Hauntii – Official Announcement Trailer | Developers Day 2023

hauntii he also has a beautiful composition with breathtaking pictures and even though I only had ten minutes with him, I found myself wanting more. It is expected to be released for PC and console in 2024.



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