Valve Earns Billion Dollars from Counter-Strike Lawsuits in 2023

Image of Counter-Strike soldiers behind falling dollar bills.

Picture: Valve/Kotaku/Jag_cz (Shutterstock)

Valve earns nearly $1 billion from digital, according to new data Counter-Strike 2 (previously global attack) Safes and keys in 2023. Yes, this is the billion marked “B”.

In Valve’s wildly popular free-to-play tactical FPS Counter-Strike 2Players can obtain crates by playing and earning them through level drops, or they can purchase crates from Steam’s community marketplace. These covers come in different variants and may include: extremely rare and valuable cosmetic items like weapon skins. But once you get a case, you don’t open it right away. You also need a key, which must be purchased directly from Steam or from other players on the community market. And because CS2 This very popular loot box system makes Valve a lot of money.

As detected dexertothird party website CS2 Case Tracking recently published 2023 review for cases. And the biggest statistic is the estimated $980,000,000 Valve earned from players purchasing keys to open the vaults. Since keys are merely digital items that unlock vaults, it doesn’t cost Valve that much to make or maintain them, so the company likely consumed nearly all of that staggering figure as profit.

A screenshot shows some data from CS2 Case Tracker.

But wait, that whopping $980 million statistic shows just how much money Valve is probably making from selling keys. Doesn’t take into account the 15% deduction they receive Each case sold in the community market. When you factor that in, it’s very likely that Valve will generate over $1 billion in revenue from cases and keys in 2023 alone.

This is probably one of the reasons why Valve is in no rush to make new video games. There’s really no need for this. Instead they sit back and enjoy Steam and Counter Strike they will fund all virtual reality experiments and other hardware projects. Honestly, this is a miracle we’ve ever experienced Half-Life: Alyx.

One last statistic for the road: CS2 Case TrackingAccording to data from , the most popular day to file a lawsuit was Wednesday. From where? I don’t know. But there you go. Now you can probably win a pub bet with this weird information.




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