Destiny 2 Quietly Replaces The Vagina Armband

The concept drawing shows a Warlock armband.

picture: bungie

Destiny 2 It’s gotten a lot of fixes since. light fall expansion launched a few weeks ago, but none like yesterday’s update. An unspecified fix in the patch notes has secretly changed the game’s latest Warlock armband armor to be less like a vagina.

Hate Bond is a class item that drops from: Destiny 2‘s new Root of Nightmares raid Released on March 10, focusing on Nezarec, a former student of the game’s archenemy, The Witness. Until Thursday, it could have been mistaken for an alien light, mostly because of a small horizontal slit in front of it.

It looks like some kind of eyeball, maybe not quite. Its resemblance to a vulva was especially noticeable when certain shaders were applied. Players suggested all sorts of names for it – Witnussy, Nezussy, Nezzylight – but it was “Bondussy” that stuck.

Like first reported by forbesPaul TassiNow, Bungie has stepped in to take the rage one step further. This week’s fix fixed a number of bugs. The biggest change in the patch notes was a fix for the notorious Thresher battleships killing players across the solar system. The fact that the fix also removed Bondussy’s cleft, making it look a lot less obscene, was completely unmentioned. It’s like a giant space pearl now.

Hidden content changes and such visual adjustments are rare, in part because Destiny 2 The community is hypersensitive to every little change in the sci-fi universe. bungie He took off a piece of armor in 2017 because it had an alternative right symbol of Nazi origin on it. Bondussy wasn’t hate speech, but it must have clearly been at odds with Bungie’s broader artistic intentions for raid armor. Or maybe the studio didn’t like the nickname “Bondussy”.



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