They Can’t Play These Games Anymore And They Blame The Old Ones

“In 2013, my ex-husband and I played. a game called TERA. He became obsessed with gaming to the point where he brought my gaming laptop to the hospital. TERA while I was recovering from giving birth (including one of the first photos she took with our son).

“A few weeks after our son was born, he found a girl from Greece named Athena and they started spending a lot of time together. At first I encouraged this, but eventually I found out that he was buying in-game items (using his real money). When they weren’t playing, they were constantly texting over Skype, to the point where it changed her sleeping habits for him.

“I stopped playing this game because… Well, I got into this game for my ex-husband and now the game was ruined. I was watching my marriage fall apart.

“The day before Christmas Eve he told me that he was moving to his mother’s house. On Christmas Eve, Athena sends him pictures and officially goes to his mother’s house. He told me on Christmas day that he wanted a divorce.

“I haven’t been able to play since TERA. [I also now feel like Christmas is] It is a meaningless holiday that I celebrate and make special only for my son.

“But unfortunately for me I didn’t [immediately] I learned my lesson and it took another eight years for me to finally be strong enough to break up with him and never look back. Now I am improving and being treated as I should be.

“But I’ll never touch that damn game again.” ⁠– Silify, 31

Are there any games you will never play because you associate it with your ex? Are there some games that are too good to be missed? Can you really heal from heartbreak? Give me all your answers in the comments.



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