Studio Trigger Made Switch Football Game Skin Anime AF

gif: Nintendo / Studio Trigger / Odyssey Interactive / Kotaku

There are so many games out there these days that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd and get the world’s attention. Here’s a good way: Get world-famous anime house Studio Trigger to make the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch sports-action game.

Omega StrikerDeveloped by Odyssey Interactive, it is a free-to-play online 3-on-3 football (football for readers on the other side of the lake) game in which anime-looking athletes compete in cross-platform online matches. Some of the graceful athletes are so anime AF they’re not even human in their designs. According to my account, there is at least a slime girlA gun lizard manAnd a gerbil looking bear dude. The soccer ball here lights up half the time, so having these characters anime AF fits the bill.

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Odyssey enlisted the help of animation giant Studio Trigger (the studio behind it). Kill La Kill And Cyberpunk: Edge Runners) sell the hectic energy of the football squad with a great opening cinematic music video, with their tendency to bend the rules of traditional football with unapproved weapons. You can check it below.

Nintendo / Studio Trigger / Odyssey Interactive

Studio Trigger anime tends to have themes of defiance against some kind of authoritative organization. For example, Kill La Kill And Brand New Animal found that their colorful patterns openly challenged the notion of socially acceptable dress and racial prejudice against monstrous people, respectively. More recently, the Netflix anime adaptation of Trigger Cyberpunk: Edge Runners It focused on the journey of becoming a legend in a town that would tolerate the untimely death of a Latino boy named David Martinez.

All told, it makes sense for Trigger to portray an opening movie about a group of outcasts united by their passion to destroy their opponents. I guess Omega Strikers players are defying traditional football rules. who are we a pumped rockabilly its fun? Time will tell whether Omega Striker He will have an arena that allows the group of crazy soccer freaks to launch him into space. Triggering is not customary. By the way, support to have such a stylish trailer.

Omega Striker It’s scheduled for release on April 27 and is available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch, Steam, App Store, and Google Play.



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