PlayStation Should Reimburse Some Loot Boxes After Court Order

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EAs in recent years Fifa the series has been the target of numerous investigations and government hearings across Europe; some countries are concerned that the game’s flagship Ultimate Team mode is basically gambling, and others believe it is happening and taking action.

Belgium is perhaps the most famous example.but earlier this year an Austrian court FIFAs Ultimate Team card packs constitute illegal gambling. Not much was done about the decision at the time, but a report from the German Gamesmarkt site (via, Sony’s statement that it did not appeal the decision shows that the decision now comes at a cost.

While the details of the lawsuit have not been made public, Gamesmarkt reports that Sony must return €336.26 (US$364) to the plaintiff in the 2022 lawsuit. This may not sound like much, but it’s just an initial cost; Padronus, the law firm that brought the case, says it has “several hundred” clients next, and given the verdict in this first case, there is now precedent for them to be reimbursed.

If you’re wondering why Sony – and not Electronic Arts – the actual developers and publishers of the game – should do this, it’s because the proceedings in this case were made specifically on the PlayStation Store and Sony is held responsible. Despite the court’s ruling, you’d think it would be easy to apply the same rules to sales of the game and FIFA Ultimate Team bundles on every other available platform, from Xbox to PC.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team It is a very popular online mode where users can open virtual card packs and add randomly added players to their teams. The fact that you are paying for the decks and the content is random and unknown to the player is the main reason why many governments decide it is gambling or come very close to it.



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