Mario Kart Players Played a Groundbreaking Cheat 27 Years Later

Jumps and sprints are basically like magic to me. The determination required to find ways to break a game and skip all levels is a skill and patience that I don’t have. However, I’ve always been happy to watch someone walk through a wall and arrive where they shouldn’t be yet. Very nice. This is an art form that people deal with all the time and this means that sometimes these jumps can be found in older games such as: mario card 64. 27 years later, someone has managed to jump the Bowser’s Castle course so hard that it’s almost impossible to repeat… until now.

for most of us Mario Kart Technology is mostly about strategically using your items and knowing when to drift. Maybe you know a good shortcut or you can manage to drift. But for the sprint community, it’s all about scrutinizing each track and performing the perfect square maneuvers to shave off even the tiniest bit of time. For mario card 64 fast running community, Bowser’s Castle presented a jump-shaped white whale that requires you to go through a certain wall. The technical breakdown is quite complex and boils down to some walls in the game being built in such a way that tiny space that players must squeeze. It’s all about hitting it at the right angle and using fast objects like mushrooms. Luckily, however, YouTube user Abyssoft has a complete video explaining the jumping process, the technology behind it, and how multiple speedrunners were suddenly able to use it after all these years.


The jump was first introduced by the speedrunner in 2021. forest64started a fire in the community to try to recreate it. However, it was recreated almost two years later and used in a sprint, with some consequences. slips in the track’s sprint records. On March 11, 2023, after over 200 hours of grinding and thousands of tries, Forest64 was able to perform the jump itself, surpassing the previous non-shortcut time by just four-tenths of a second. This was impressive because it both dethroned the original time and was the first time the jump was successfully accomplished through play rather than testing.

However, speedrunner Christian C. hit the jump and shaved off a second of his time just two days later, on March 13. The next day, speedrunner Aaron Jablonski also managed to jump but it didn’t quite pass Christian’s time. Abyssoft’s video breaks down some of the ways this run can still be improved using skip, but given how difficult it is for professionals to achieve, it may take some time before anyone manages to improve running with this method.

Ironically enough, after all the fuss, Bowser’s Castle world record again Beck Abbey Without using jumps on April 4th. As of this writing, Abney’s record of 1’49″38 holds the top spot, but there’s still room for fast runners to cut back on time, which is already impressive if the jump is practiced.

What will be seen is if Super Mario Brothers Movie actor Jack Black can beat the record beating your co-stars Mario Kart for all to see.



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