Fortnite Returns to iPhones Thanks to New EU Rules

Epic says it will launch the Epic Games Store on iPhone later this year, in line with new European Union rules, and also Fortnite Let’s also go back to iOS.

More than three years ago, in August 2020, Epic attempted to add new ways for people to purchase in-game items. of Fortnite mobile hotspots. These new methods will be cheaper for users and bypass Google and Apple’s store blackout, which the tech giants typically collect on all in-app purchases on their respective devices. Within hours, both Google and Apple withdrew Fortnite from digital stores and Epic started Legal fight with both companies now it’s wrapping. (Quick summary: Epic didn’t win much against Apple, but It turned out better against Google.) Now, thanks to the new application of the European Union Digital Markets Act (DMA), Epic will finally bring its popular battle royale shooter back to iPhones in the EU.

on January 25 Apple had to implement the changes This will enable third-party app stores on iOS devices for the first time ever. Apple will also have to allow sideloading, which allows users to install their own apps directly on their devices. These are both features of Android phones, but not the more locked-down iOS ecosystem. However, thanks to the DMA, this situation is changing in the EU and Epic wasted no time in calling out Apple and announcing the following: Fortnite‘S return via its own third-party app, the Epic Games Store.

“To remember Fortnite On iOS? How about bringing this back? tweeted Epic earlier today. The tweet was sent alongside a direct call out to Apple and a gif featuring celebrities. Fortnite banana character, Peely, gives a deadly glare. Probably at Apple.

“Later this year Fortnite It will return on iOS in Europe via the Epic Games Store. (Announce the DMA – an important new law in the EU that makes this possible). @Apple, the world is watching,” Epic tweeted.

Epic’s CEO is unhappy with Apple’s new rules

Of course, Apple’s decision to allow sideloading and third-party apps isn’t as simple as it seems. Technology giant implemented a ton of rules and various restrictions This can be costly for indie developers and limit how useful third-party storefronts can be. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney is unhappy with the iPhone maker’s restrictions and new policies, calling them “hot garbage.”

“Apple suggests it can choose which stores are allowed to compete with its App Stores.” Sweeney wrote in a long tweet on January 25. “They could block Epic from launching and distributing the Epic Games Store Fortnite for example, block Microsoft, Valve, Good Old Games or new entrants.

“There’s a lot more nonsense in Apple’s announcement. It will take more time to parse both the written and unscripted parts of this new horror show, so stay tuned,” Sweeney shared.

For now, the plan seems to be that the company will deliver despite the terrible rules, according to Epic’s CEO. Fortnite Unless Apple tries to intervene, it will switch its store to iPhones in the EU.




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