June 2023 and EA Wants to Add NFTs to FIFA and Madden

Nike boots

EA Sports and Nike announced Yesterday At some point in the “future”, games like Fifa And Madden It will have integration with .Swoosh, which Nike defines as “”.new digital community experience”.

What does it mean? This is an NFT (non-tradable token) platform, a crypto-adjacent scam exploded in 2021, then fell difficult in 2022a rise and fall perhaps best illustrated by this graphic:

NFTs are screwing you up

Despite this and a wider public backlash to the concept descending somewhere between indecision and condemnation, there are still some companies that want to keep it up. Partly because they have one eye on the future, and perhaps because they signed a series of contracts in 2021 and now have to see them. from beginning to end.

This agreement is specifically defined as::

Nike Virtual Studios and EA SPORTS today announce a new partnership aimed at enhancing and personalizing the virtual sports experience for fans around the world. This collaboration brings together two of the biggest names in sports and entertainment and will pave the way for .SWOOSH members and EA SPORTS fans to express their personal style through play, Nike’s new digital community experience.

funniest thing about announcementmaybe even Nike and EA are ashamed of it. (or deliberately surprise, you choose!) The truth is that this is the reason why the term NFT is not mentioned in the news or even referred to Web3. Instead EA just says partnership will make “.There are SWOOSH virtual creations that provide members and players with unique new opportunities for self-expression and creativity through sport and style.”

EA Sports games already offer, of course, sometimes in the form of free unlocks, others what you have to pay to use in-game (or real world) currency.



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