New Pokémon Anime Reveals A Never-Before-Seen Monster

Pokemon Horizon heroes with three Paldea launchers.

picture: The Pokémon Company

First part of the new episode Pokémon The anime aired today in Japan, and fans got their first look at a never-before-seen Pokémon. while not for the first time With the anime releasing a Pokémon before the games, it’s a pleasant surprise that these rare events happen. We don’t yet have a name for this turtle-like creature, but there are some clues to its origin.

An attentive fan may have noticed that the color and shape of the new Pokémon are similar to Terapagos, a legendary Pokémon. appeared Pokémon Day earlier this year. Terapagos mascot red And Violet‘s post-game DLC is The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. We also have no confirmation of whether there is a biological relationship between the two Pokémon, but I suspect it may be an infant form like the mystical Phione (can only be obtained by spawning Manaphy, but does not evolve into one). Terapagos will be available on the second wave of DLC, The Indigo Disc.

Not much is known about Terapagos either, but we’ve seen hints of it in the past. red And Violet games. According to a research station at Area ZeroTerapagos may be responsible terracing Repairman in Paldea area. The Scarlet and Violet books describe a “disc” Pokémon with “overlapping hexagons” and a shell that “glitters like a gemstone.” I’m hoping the anime will reveal more about these two Pokémon so we can catch them this fall.

after Ash Ketchum finally became a Pokémon masteranime got hurt and He ended his 26-year longing. new red And Violet It has been announced that the anime will replace it. Pokémon Horizons: Series Includes all-new heroes and a cute captain Pikachu. I’m glad Ash is finally free of the curse of immortality and can be allowed to age for the first time in twenty years.

The new anime has just started airing in Japan, but won’t air for months as The Pokémon Company has a new streaming deal with Netflix. episodes released in waves. boo. So if you want it unfiltered, you’ll have to avoid spoilers for a while. Pokémon viewing experience. Good luck.



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