In The Making Of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Movie From Director John Wick

A screenshot from Rainbow Six Siege shows three armed soldiers inside a dark building.

Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshot: Ubisoft

Approaching Rainbow Six The Paramount movie starring Michael B. Jordan has a director: Chad Stahelski. He is best known for his work on popularity. John Wick movies He will produce the film alongside Jordan, who plays John Clark, a popular character from Tom Clancy’s books.

Jordan already played Clark. 2021 movie without regretBased on the Tom Clancy book of the same name. That movie that skipped theaters due to covid-19 and launched on Amazon Prime—End with Clark planning to assemble a multinational counterterrorism team codenamed: Rainbow. This spawned a potential sequel to focus on the popular Rainbow Six team that has been well known to gamers over the years. Ubisoft’s successful video game franchise based on fictional staff.

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This is new Rainbow Six With no release date or even a basic plotline yet, the film will likely continue the story of Jordan’s John Clark, who founded and led the Rainbow Six team.

It’s unclear whether Ubisoft will be involved in the movie, but I also find it impossible to believe that Paramount and director Stahelski wouldn’t take some inspiration from the popular video game franchise that helped hold. Rainbow Six It has been popular and relevant for over twenty years.

Stahelski with a commitment to the new Under Rainbox it became a movie first covered Hollywood Reporter, Since the release of his first movie, he has made a name for himself as a respected and talented action movie director. John Wick The Keanu Reeves action movie quickly became a hit, and the sequels, talk about TV shows, spin-offs and even a video game. next movie John Wick: Chapter 4, late this year. Before becoming a director, he was a prolific stuntman and worked on the following films: Matrix, Van Helsing, and Escape from Los Angeles



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