16 of the Best Adventure Games of the Last Decade for Just $10

A mysterious woodland sequence in the Unavowed adventure.

Screenshot: Wadjet Eye Games

Remember the early days of Humble Bundles? When every newly announced deal is crucial and literally millions of dollars are raised for charity each time? It still happens occasionally, like last year Stand with Ukraine Package he is raised an incredible $20 million for charities operating in the country, but within a decade the excitement has definitely subsided. But when I saw one of my favorite developer/publisher Wadjet Eye Games, deal on sitereminded me of those times.

New York-based indie publisher and developer Wadjet Eye, mostly made up of Dave Gilbert, is responsible for many of the best adventure games of the past sixteen years. Incredible from self-developed projects unconfessed and Black Well series, to the people to whom it is broadcast Gemini Rue and Shardlight, the name has often been a proverb of super adventures presented with a 90s flair. Coincidentally, all of the games mentioned, and nine more, are all included in the bundle for $10.

It’s a crazy bargain, and if you’ve been away from point-and-click adventures in recent years, it’s the perfect way to return. You won’t believe how good things are done in the Adventure Game. Studio engine and Wadjet Eyes are usually the best. Other featured games are strange country, primordia, technobab, Resonance, all six blackwell games and Gilbert’s first game, shivah. Selected charity JDRFRaising money for type-1 diabetes research.

It’s interesting and sad to note how much of Humble’s brilliance has come out, because despite being on the air for five days, it only sold 9,000 copies, with $11,800 raised for JDRF at the time of this pack’s writing. It’s still great to see that money go somewhere good, but it’s a drop compared to the company’s previous waterfalls.

Of course, in the years since Humble’s heyday as a package vendor (the company is now owned by IGN and a hugely successful independent publisher), a fair amount of goodwill has been lost. A very wrong decision to limit the amount of your chosen payment that can go to charity, announced, followed backback then still reinstalled.

Fortunately, you can currently direct your money wherever you see fit, but by necessity 15% goes to Humble. (There is no minimum amount or good purpose for developers, by the way – surprisingly, you can set the sliders to give every penny to Humble, none of them go to the people who make the games!) “wanting” disappeared a long time ago, minimum costs are now most Some deals don’t feel like bargains because time is long enough.

However, this is for sure! Catch!



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