FF7 Rebirth, Xbox Drama, and More of This Week’s Hottest Events

One image shows a monk praying as a large Xbox logo crashes into Earth.

Picture: Kotaku / Xbox / Thomas Mucha / Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski (Shutterstock)

Reports from different sources and insiders over the weekend of February 3 revealed that a number of major, Xbox-exclusive games—like star field and Gears of warIt may also come to PlayStation 5 in the near future. As the news spread across the internet, Xbox’s top users and creators began theorizing, denying, mourning, and yelling at those in the Church Of Xbox circle and beyond. Later, Xbox boss Phil Spencer issues vague statementapparently approves Something It was happening, but the faithful would have to wait until next week to hear what would happen. Maybe he thought this would calm the masses. It didn’t happen. Instead, for some loyal Xbox fans, it was proof that the brand they worship had left them behind. And they don’t take it very well (though some stay pretty cold about the possibility star field coming to PS5). -Zack Zwiezen Read more



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