A Game Mode Nobody Wanted is Coming to Overwatch 2 This Weekend

Overwatch 2 character Sombra looks deep in thought.

Picture: snowstorm

Next weekend, January 12-14, embattled hero sniper Overwatch 2 will replace the popular Quick Game mode with Quick Game: Hacked, a lightning-fast remake of the main game inspired by the hacker character sombra. Arcade and Competitive mode will not be affected by this change.

According to this Blizzard’s blog post The announcement of the new mode is the first in a series of Quick Play: Hacked events planned going forward. “We want to explore new and fun ways to change up the core Quick Game gameplay. Changes will occur periodically and for a limited time only,” the blog post reads.

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Here’s what Quicked Play: Hacked will require:

  • Respawn times are now 75 percent of their original duration
  • Cargoes on Escort and Hybrid maps will move 60 percent faster
  • Gaining control of the Crosshairs in Hybrid is 40 percent faster than normal
  • In Control, gaining control of an objective point is 40 percent faster than normal, and scoring capture progress percentage is 80 percent faster
  • Gaining control of a target point in Flashpoint is 20 percent faster than normal, and scoring capture progress percentage is also 40 percent faster
  • When you play an Escort, Hybrid, or Push map, the first match time has been reduced to 70 percent of the original time, with all time overtimes added to the total time.
  • These changes will only apply to all players playing in Role Queue and Open Queue Quick Play modes during the event, returning to normal after January 14th. Competitive Gaming and Arcade modes will not be affected by these changes

Blizzard’s decision to completely replace Quick Play was met with overwhelming feedback from fans, as it is a preferred mode for many. Overwatch 2 players. Quick Play is where they will try new strategies, practice new heroes, and hone their skills without the pressures of Competitive mode. Personally, I never play because I’m a masochist and like to try (and fail) to increase my rank every time I start the game. But removing Quick Play completely would mean depriving a significant portion of your player base of their only way to play. Blizzard seems to be expecting some pushback, as it asked and answered a question about Quick Play: Hacked not being included in the Arcade mode in a blog post.

Arcade is generally designed for game modes that play only one specific map type (like Assault) or completely different ways to play Overwatch. Quick Play: The hacked changes affect the core gameplay of our main mode, while still aiming to deliver a unique, more balanced gaming experience from the traditional ruleset.

Is this a satisfactory answer for the legions? Overwatch 2 players stuck throughout Switch to 5v5, sunset Overwatch 1Adopting a free payment model predatory pricingor gutting the promised PvE mode? You say.



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