Switch 2 Should Let Mario’s Friends Cook

Each March 10 (MAR10), we come together and sing the praises of Nintendo mario sherry and its eponymous hero, and for good reason! Mario and its related franchise He’s basically the unofficial mascot of all video games, and there’s very little the guy hasn’t done over the years. Starting out as a beleaguered but humble plumber, Mario took back the Mushroom Kingdom and saved it. princess peach from gas pump almost too many to count. He shot fire and ice from his hands, flew through the skies thanks to his winged hat, found a way to jump into pictures, and traveled among the stars at least a few times. In fact, I’m saying we need to give this guy a break considering all he’s accomplished. He has friends and family who are more than willing to fill that void.

arrival Princess Peach: Showtime! is a perfect example of what the series can do for its characters when it’s not clearly at the service of the man named Mario. Sure, it’s a familiar platformer where the lead character changes her outfits and abilities, but we’ve also yet to see the extent of Peach’s abilities and how they differ from Mario’s. It’s exciting to see a game in this overarching series break away from the stereotypical setting of the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighbors, which we’ve visited as many times as Mario. Even when he explored the entire galaxy, many of these planets definitely looked like continuations of places we’d been before.

All eyes are eagerly awaiting its eventual release Key 2now is the best time to let marioThe supporting cast shines again. Princess Peach: Showtime! It’s the perfect springboard to launch something that’s not like “The Year of Luigi.” Remember this? In 2013, Nintendo celebrated Luigi’s 30th anniversary by releasing a series of games focusing on Mario’s awkward, tall, younger brother. We bought it that year Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moonexpansion New Super Luigi U, Dr. LuigiAnd Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. It was a rare and joyous occasion for a beloved character who was never quite allowed to step out of the shadow of his more popular older brother.

Considering the upcoming port Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon and this is a great success Luigi’s Mansion 3 (one of the most gorgeously animated games ever) Nintendo Switch, continuing this series on Switch 2 seems like a no-brainer. It’s probably a little late for the 40th anniversary of Luigi Redux, but I believe it’s coming. What about the rest of the gang?

Good-Feel, the studio behind Yoshi’s latest game Yoshi’s Crafted Worldis reportedly wrapping development on Princess Peach Showtime! I can currently see them returning to the series with their next game (although Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that they are the studio behind the game). I certainly wouldn’t complain if it was a more direct sequel. Yoshi’s Island as well as subseries. What I mean is: the streets demand more Yoshi games will be on Switch 2 i need gamesand there will likely be no shortage of exciting directions you can take the Yoshi series on new hardware.

Warioware games are one of several spinoff character-specific franchises that Nintendo continues to produce games for, but why not dream a little bigger for the big guy? I know for sure that Wario Country Platform games are so popular, and fans of these games haven’t gotten a new game since. Wario Land: Rock! It was also developed by Good-Feel in 2008! Nintendo! Give Good-Feel carte blanche on their next game, these folks know how to cook with an otherwise unsupported heavyweight cast.

In fact, there’s one thing you can take to the bank: let Good-Feel (or anyone, really) make the first Waluigi game. Imagine launching Key 2 with such a landmark title. Of course a new 3D mario The game will make money, but why be boring about it? Let that beast out of its cage, Nintendo.



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