Streamer xQc Signed by Twitch Rival Kick for $100M

Twitch’s biggest streamer, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, the company’s newest competitor, has signed a deal with Kick, a streaming platform that offers better revenue shares and also appears to be centered on online gambling. The non-exclusive deal is worth up to $100 million in two years and is the latest and greatest blow to Twitch as creator discontent continues to mount.

Firstly reported by New York Times, the deal will pay $35 million per year with additional incentives of $30 million available if xQc meets certain criteria. Like Dexerto signthis would make him the 12th largest annual payout in all sports, putting xQc just ahead of Kevin Durant.

Kick is a funded streaming platform initiative. online gambling companies Including Easygo Gaming and After Twitch’s pressure At its gambling promotion last fall, the platform attracted big names like Adin Ross, BruceDropEmOff, and Trainwreckstv with its lax rules and 5/95 revenue share for creators. It’s not yet clear whether Kick was profitable or how he planned it, but it did manage to capitalize on a backlash against Twitch, as the Amazon-owned platform intended. monetize more aggressively people who make content for it.

A “Twitch’s kid”XQc, who usually comes up in his poison chat, League of Legends before continuing more observationsHe competes in Blizzard’s Overwatch League shortly after, and is eventually released from Dallas Fuel. A series of suspensions due to offensive comments. He started out as a full-time creator in 2018, and it’s this top game with a mix of unfiltered descriptions and an endless array of discussion trends that made him Twitch’s most-watched streamer in 2021.

By 2022, leaks revealed that xQc has won 8 million dollars from subscriptions on the platform. lost the same year $1.8 million within a single month of online gambling. While his contract with Kick doesn’t prevent him from broadcasting on Twitch, Twitch has a rule against simulcasting, making it unclear how much time, if any, he will devote to the platform that helped xQc turn him into a star in the first place. place.

“It’s time” xQc tweeted On June 16, when his new partnership with Kick was announced. The post contained a video that promised its content would remain unchanged on the new platform. There was a retweet just below this showing support for publisher Nickmercs, who has recently come under fire for making anti-LGBTQ+ statements.



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