Pentiment Runs at 120FPS on PS5 but Only Runs at 60FPS on Xbox

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There’s something weird here: repentanceObsidian’s previously Xbox-exclusive narrative-focused game currently runs better on PlayStation 5 than on Xbox Series X/S. Apparently this is a bug that will be fixed, but the whole situation has started a firestorm in the never-ending console war.

Rumors have been floating around the Xbox community and the internet for much of February that Microsoft was planning to port major games to PS5 and Switch. led to a complete collapse and finally –on February 15— A podcast from Xbox confirming that, yes, some games were being ported to other platforms. But he also rejected big headlines like: Star Field It will be coming to PS5, confirming that the company has plans for more Xbox consoles in the future. on February 21 during Nintendo Direct, repentance It was announced as one of the first Xbox-published games to come to Switch and PS5. It became operational the next day. And oddly enough, at least on PS5, the game runs at a higher frame rate than it does on Microsoft’s console.

repentance It runs at 120FPS on PS5. It currently runs at half that, or just 60FPS, on the Xbox Series X/S. To be clear, this isn’t a game that needs to run at 200+FPS or anything like that. It is a narrative-oriented, text-heavy 2D game. Still, many already-out-of-form Xbox fans aren’t keen on the game playing better on PS5.

According to Obsidian studio design director Josh Sawyer, the reason for this discrepancy is an error. on February 26He tweeted: “120fps will be enabled for XBOX in the next patch. Disabling it is just a mistake.

However, this didn’t help much, as some Xbox fans asked why the game, which launches in November 2022, never received this 120FPS-enabled patch before. It’s a bit odd that Microsoft didn’t make sure the Xbox port of the game ran at 120FPS before releasing the PS5 version.

Kotaku contacted Xbox about the situation.

While this is an odd quirk involving a bug in a nearly two-year-old game, it certainly won’t help ease fears among players. The most loyal Xbox customers That Microsoft isn’t focusing enough on the platform they love.



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