How to Look Good at the Game Awards 2023?

Do you remember me? I’m the girl who said, just before the 2022 Game Awards, that Xbox head Phil Spencer was dressing like my dad when he went out for a Sunday morning bagel race. (We smashed beef at the Summer Game Festival, don’t worry.) Even though I’m being playful and pointing my fingers fashion reviewsI’m not just talking about the style (or lack thereof) on display on gaming’s biggest night, but I’m also saying it’s indicative of a larger identity crisis in the industry. On nights like The Game Awards, this multibillion-dollar industry goes out of its way to emulate Hollywood with its glitzy production, A-list actors, and oddly enough sweatshirt-wearing men.

It begs the question: Who are we? Are we all rich industry leaders who wear denim jackets to look more approachable, more casual? Or are we wannabe fashionistas from Long Island who would much rather live in Brooklyn? Or stupid players who throw everything at them dress chair morning? The answer is simple: We are all of these. This is an increasingly diverse industry (Even though he couldn’t name the women) and the more diversity is reflected in the people who attend these events, the better the fashion will be by default; because more diversity, more personality, and more cultural backgrounds will be showcased.

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I’ll be attending The Game Awards this year (no, you can’t see my outfit yet). Since I’ve been so passionate about fashion last year and now I’ll be there in person, I feel like it’s my civic duty to offer unsolicited advice on how to look good at the gaming Oscars.

Let me be clear: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. There are tons of ways to stretch the budget, from renting a catwalk to borrowing money from friends or family to rummaging through thrift stores to find long-lost treasures (which is how we found my fiancée a 1970s-era Yves Saint Laurent military ditch in Italy for $150). Whether you’re attending The Game Awards or planning a semi-formal event in your future, here are some tips to ensure you don’t attract the gaze of my fashionable Eye of Sauron.

I also offer personalized fashion advice; You can reach us via comments, e-mail or DM.



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