Final Fantasy VII Rebirth May Be Preparing a Wild Change for Zack

Despite what the creative team at Square Enix would have us think, Destiny and Fate likely still have an important role to play. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and beyond. Even if he is a SOLDIER Zack Fair While he appears to have escaped death and joined the rest of the cast in a new timeline, the likely outcome is a completely different but equally tragic twist of fate.

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Spoilers and spoilers for the original game FF7 Remake to follow.

in original Final Fantasy VII In the timeline, Cloud and Zack are injured Sephiroth “following what is known asNibelheim Incident”Five years before the events of the main game. Mad scientist Hojo kidnaps them and experiments on them for four years, increasing Cloud’s strength but scrambling his brain. After Zack kidnaps them, they wander for nearly a year until Shinra captures them on the outskirts of Midgar. Initially, Zack dies fighting Shinra soldiers, but as the party eventually defeats the Whisper Harbinger FF7 RemakePast, present and future events change.

remake‘s ending scene shows Zack surviving the battle and helping Cloud advance towards Midgar. It’s possible that these events take place in an alternate timeline that differs from the new continuity. However, this is entirely possible when the party eventually enters the Singularity. remake and destroyed the Whispers, but did not return to their original worlds. Instead, they were taken to a different place: a timeline created by the destruction of the Whisperers where Zack lived.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase has already confirmed that Zack is playing a larger role in the film. FF7 Rebirth than the original game

“Actually Final Fantasy 7“Zack Fair doesn’t show up much,” Kitase said IGN inside September 2023 interview. “Issue RebirthZack will have a new episode that will feature more of him. remake. “I can’t say more than that because I want players to play and experience it with their own hands.”

Cloud and Zack stand on either side of Sephiroth in this FF7 Rebirth Key Art

Picture: Square Enix

How exactly will all this go away? Well, Rebirth Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed on the official PlayStation blog In September 2023, the second part of the trilogy concludes in the Forgotten Capital; Sephiroth kills Aerith while trying to summon Holy into the White Materia.

“The future – even if it is written – can be changed,” says Aerith in June 2022 First Look Trailer for Rebirth. The original timeline had already been “written” so to speak, so the Whisperers sought to preserve this particular future. In other words, events can and should play out as they originally did, except when characters make different choices.

The Whispers may no longer be around to make sure everything goes exactly as planned, but it’s a safe bet that Aerith will still try to summon Holy and be threatened by Sephiroth. Assuming everyone exists in the same continuity, what will Zack do while Cloud and his friends are on the hunt for Sephiroth? Most likely after arriving at the Sector 5 Church in the post-credits scene Remake Intergrade INTERmission In the episode starring Yuffie, she will try to track down Aerith.

A tragic outcome of all this may be that Zack catches Aerith in the Forgotten Capital at the end of the game just in time to push her out of the way and take the blow himself. The Whispers may not be around to ensure Zack’s death, but his continued presence in the timeline raises all kinds of cosmic continuity issues. This could be the perfect tragic ending Rebirth This inspires Aerith and Cloud to continue their mission to stop Sephiroth in a way that thematically mirrors the original without getting too complicated. This way Aerith could successfully summon Holy to stop Meteor earlier than originally, but who knows what repercussions all this would have.

Is it fair for him to make the ultimate Zackrifice? Probably not, but still something about it feels appropriate.

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