12 Things You Should Know Early

Persona 5 Tactics It revisits many of the mechanics of the original game and reshapes them for a tactics-based tableau. It’s pretty simple at first, and the opening chapter meticulously teaches all these mechanisms with the simplest usage scenarios. But as I play Phantom Thieves‘ On my last trip, I found its spin on turn-based systems quite useful. Here are some tips to find your way Persona 5 Tactics.

All-Out Attack is still your strategy of choice

like most Personality In games, All-Out Assault is the foundation of almost every play you’ll make in combat. Instead of knocking out every enemy on the field with a critical hit P5you only need to shoot one and have your team form a triangle across the map. Tactics.

This is a spin-off It’s pretty liberal on what counts as a triangle, and after critically damaging an enemy you get another chance to move characters and make that formation. The trick here is that you can switch between both the critical striker and his team before activating All-Out Assault. If you position and distribute your three party members carefully, you can approach map-spanning attacks and use just one unit’s turn to do so. Movement alone does not require a turn; so if you’re trying to set up an All-Out Attack, spread this triangle out as far as possible and catch as many enemies as possible in the explosion.



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