Xbox Start Screen Is Now a Full-Page Modern Warfare 3 Ad

A full-screen ad shows Call of Duty's purchasing options.

Screenshot: Microsoft / Activision

If you’ve turned on your Xbox today, you may have seen something you weren’t expecting: a full-screen ad for the latest version. Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare III. Although Microsoft has done this before with privileges like star fieldIt already rubs some players the wrong way.

Even though it’s 2023 Modern Warfare III technically it doesn’t come out in its full form until November 10Those who want to participate in the campaign can do so immediately. by pre-ordering Any version of the game. So, although this early access period may be tempting for those who want to follow the story of Task Force 141, it is far from a universal desire. full screen Call of Duty advert The Xbox’s start screen feels intrusive. Modern Warfare III marketing blitz comes a few weeks later Microsoft completed the acquisition Codpublished by Activision Blizzard.

Task Force 141 conducts pre-mission briefing.

Screenshot: Activation/Kotaku

“Fight against the ultimate threat. Play the Campaign Now,” the ad begins. Players are then presented with three options: “Buy Now”, “Get the Vault Edition Upgrade”, and “Quit”. While it’s not uncommon to see ads on consoles, a full-screen display that greets you the moment you fire up your box is unusually aggressive.

“Don’t hit me with ads that take up my entire screen when I pay $500 [for] your machine,” reads a post on X (formerly Twitter).

“This is really the driving factor in me building a proper PC,” he says of the ad in a Reddit comment. Although most people responded quickly, Windows (also owned by Microsoft) is far from an ad-free experience. Even after you’ve configured most of the operating system’s tendency to harass you with Game Pass or Microsoft 365 ads, it’s not uncommon for other ads or unwanted pop-ups to appear. The year of the Linux desktop can’t come soon enough.

It’s frustrating when a machine you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on doesn’t feel like it’s completely under your control. But who knows, maybe in ten years, people will be nostalgic on Cod The ad from 2023 that greeted them when they booted up their Xbox.



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