Our Favorite Cosplay Photos and Video from Dreamhack Melbourne

Australian dressmakers

From Comics Gathering with C2E2The vast majority of the cosplay coverage you see on this website comes from American traditions. Which one is good! This is an American website, many of the world’s biggest shows are in the US and our fearless cosplay photographer Mineralblu is also American.

But sometimes it’s nice to split it up a bit, right? Spread our wings, fly overseas, check out a cosplay show on other shores. So tonight it’s great to have the chance to share this video and gallery of cosplayers from Dreamhack Melbourne, which took place earlier this year and for the first time in a long time we were able to release a show post. Number of Australian cosplayers.

In this slideshow, you’ll find a video of the show below, followed by pictures of some of our favorite cosplayers along with a cosplayer’s credits, social media info, and character details watermarked on each.

As usual – so yes, he’s come a long way for that! – all videos and photos belong to him mineralbluand check out more of his work on the Facebook page.

Our favorite cosplay from Dreamhack Melbourne 2023



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