Forget about free roaming a single world when there’s a whole universe offering you endless adventures. Publisher and Developer, Hello Games, is taking the open-world genre of video games to a different level with their upcoming video game title, No Man’s Sky.

“Even between planets, No Man’s Sky is breathtakingly beautiful… you’re as free as ever to go where you like — follow the trails of light marking distant shipping routes to find potentially inhabited worlds, or soar to the next nearest planet just because it’s there…” – Wired

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No Man’s Sky was first revealed during VGX 2013 together with the first No Man’s Sky trailer. Two years later, No Man’s Sky released a gameplay demo and trailer at E3 in 2015. Since then, fans have been anxiously awaiting an official No Man’s Sky release date, confirming that the game has captured the imaginative and adventurous hearts of open world fans. With only a few months left in the No Man’s Sky countdown, fans are getting more and more excited for this absolutely stunning open universe game.


Set in a universe that has no boundaries, No Man’s Sky is a free roaming game aimed at limitless exploration and adventure. In No Man’s Sky you’ll discover planets, new life forms, and alien creatures, and even find ancient artefacts that could reveal the secrets of this online open universe. But be wary, as adventure and danger tend to go hand in hand. You must consider your actions as every decision you make in No Man’s Sky will have long term consequences and can result in a wanted status with different factions across the universe.



No Man’s Sky is big on space exploration, which means you’ll discover a lot of creatures, factions and of course planets.  There are a total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in the No Man’s Sky universe, which should keep players busy for a while.  Not only is discovering these planets worthwhile, players get to name them too. Imagine finding a planet and naming it after yourself for all of the No Man’s Sky online community to see.  Expect to see some ridiculous and offensive names in No Man’s Sky. Just don’t forget to log your discoveries into the Atlas!

Materials and Trading

Aside from discovering planets and creatures, players will be able to mine and collect materials. These materials can be used to craft different items depending on what technologies you use. Tradable items can be sold at trading posts, which can be found on every planet, and help you earn the in-game currency called units.   Trading is said to be a huge element within No Man’s Sky and we can’t wait to see the first No Man’s Sky millionaires claim their titles. On a side note, units will be required should a player wish to leave the current solar system as space travel in No Man’s Sky requires fuel and as you can imagine fuel is expensive!



Using the units you earn from trading will go towards technology upgrades for your character, ship, mining equipment and weapons.  These upgrades can be highly effective, not only for exploring new uncharted planets, but also to protect you from the dangers said alien planet might have.  Ship upgrades will allow for faster travel, increased manoeuvrability, and powerful weapon upgrades. Though players should pick their upgrades wisely as death in No Man’s Sky comes with dire consequences including loss of ship and equipment.



Killing creatures and heavy mining activities can result in a wanted status in No Man’s Sky. There are sentinels found on some planets that will attack you if you happen to strike harmless planet-life, or aggressively mine resources to scarcity.  Creatures on planets can be friendly or aggressive, in addition to this it is said that creatures sounds are unique to their size and nature so don’t expect to find a mouse growling like a bear or T-Rex barking like a Chiwawa.   Another interesting feature here is that creatures have established food chains, and some species will hunt down others.

It’s best to be careful on these planets whilst you explore. Remember, there are consequences for your actions in this open universe game. Dying on a planet can cause you to lose everything you did not upload in the beacon or dropped in a deposit box. If you do die on a planet, you will  respawn in your ship. Whereas dying in space will result in a total loss of your ship.