Come Legion, you’ll be swinging them at, driving them through, and burning to a heap of ash by means of scorching hot fireballs your enemies with them. But what do you know so far about these lethal WoW Legion Artifact Weapons?

Let’s take a brief run-down of each and every WoW Legion artifact weapon, shall we? With a total of 36 artifact weapons in World of Warcraft’s expansion, Legion – one for every specialization – there is no shortage of talking points. So go ahead and get acquainted with your upcoming artifact weapons of brutal slaughter.


BLOOD – Maw of the Damned

Blood Maw of the Damned artifact weapon

Conventionally, front-line protectors bear sturdy shields, making walking fortresses of themselves. Death Knights are anything but conventional. Their defense stems from a slew of self-healing spells, freeing up both hands for a sundering offense. The Maw of the Damned artifact weapon compliments this Blood spec playstyle perfectly. Because there’s no more apt way to aggro than crashing a massive axe into the boss’s cranium.

FROST – Blades of the Fallen Prince (Icebringer and Frostreaper)

Icebringer and Frostreaper - Blades of the Fallen Prince

Long has it been an Azerothian’s desire to put the Frostmourne to use with their own two hands. The WoW Legion artifact weapons Icebringer and Frostreaper are the twin blades of the Fallen Prince turn that fantasy into deadly reality. Dual blades crafted with the reforged remnants of Warcraft’s most iconic armament. Re-purposed and turned against their original craftsmen, the Burning Legion. Vengeance has never been quite so fitting or sweet.

UNHOLY – Apocalypse

Apocalypse Death Knight Legion Artifact Weapon

The Unholy specialization, infamous for its awful affinity for plague and pestilence, will wield the Apocalypse with dreadful might. And if the name (Apocalypse) isn’t enough to sell you on it, the fact that it’s a behemoth of a blade, forged by Vampiric Demons and dancing with destructive magic probably should.


HAVOC – Twinblades of the Deceiver

Demon Hunter Havoc Twinblades of the Deceiver

Varedil Felsoul was a former, prolific Demon Hunter. He was slain against his will, revived against his will, and then he surrendered his will, to the deceiver himself: Kil’jaeden. Who then imbued both him and his blades with tremendous energy. These cutting Twinblades of the Deceiver artifact weapons are the product of that dark matrimony of his helpless surrender, and the Legion’s demonic might.

VENGEANCE – Aldrachi Warblades

Demon Hunter Vengeance Aldrachi Warblades

The newly introduced class’s Tanking spec (vengeance) will enjoy rending its foes with the Aldrachi Warblades artifact weapons. The sole remaining relic of a righteous race impervious to the Legion’s corrupting influence. Taking them back up, to reclaim their intended purpose, and strike out at the Legion once again is the proper use of these tested heirlooms.


BALANCE – Scythe of Elune

Scythe of Elune Balance Druid

Balance Druids – known for their rhythmic play-style, that delicately balances Solar and Lunar Attributes – will call down these cosmic powers with Legion’s Scythe of Elune artifact weapon. An already formidable staff titled after the Goddess Elune, fashioned into something somewhat more barbaric, with the ornamentation of yet-more deific potency. One of the wolf Demigod Goldrinn’s fangs affixed right onto the end, making this artifact weapon a dual-purposed magical conduit and reaping tool.

FERAL – Fangs of Ashamane

Druid Fangs of Ashamane Feral Artifact Weapon

One of the uncanny knacks of the Druid class that sets them apart is the ability to transfigure themselves into all manner of creature. The Fangs of Ashamane serve not only as a pair of lethal daggers, but also a further distinction of Druids in that sense, in that they provide a host of variations upon the Feral class’s feline form.

GUARDIAN – Claws of Ursoc

Druid Guardian Claws of Ursoc

Much like the Fangs, the Claws of Ursoc embolden the uniqueness of Guardian Druids’ hearty bear form. Hammered down on the Legion with the fury of the Wild God, Ursoc, during the War of the Ancients, and forged by the Titans themselves. These Claws of Ursoc’s murderous potential is already very well documented, but will you take it to new extents?

RESTORATION – G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

G'Hanir The Mother Tree Druid artifact weapon

A Druid’s role isn’t purely to rip and tear with animalistic savagery. It’s also to tap into Mother nature’s maternal instincts. G’Hanir, the Mother Tree, – a staff formed around a solitary, gnarled branch, plucked from the first tree gifted to mortal Druids – will use its intrinsic connection to the Emerald Dream to enkindle healing and soothing within a Restoration Druid’s allies.


BEAST MASTERY – Titanstrike

Hunter Titanstrike Artifact Weapon Legion

A masterful partnership of technology and the arcane arts contrived by the inspired Titanic inventor, Mimiron, and fueled by the relic Thunderspark. The Titanstrike artifact weapon goes to show that you certainly shouldn’t take Beast Mastery Hunters for granted; the wrought-iron bonds they share with their animal companions certainly aren’t the only things that make them vicious combatants. Pelting their foes with concentrated blasts of raw energy helps, too.

MARKSMANSHIP – Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners

Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners Hunter WoW Legion

The Windrunners. One of the Warcraft Universe’s most entrenched lineages in Lore; a legendary bloodline, that proudly trumpets arguably the three greatest ranger generals in History. What better way to reflect their long-ranged lethality than with a good old-fashioned longbow? The ripe Lore behind the Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners artifact weapon makes it a tantalizing tool in itself, let alone the precision ferocity it boasts in battle.

SURVIVAL – Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods

Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods

In Legion, Survival Hunters undergo a makeover. Cutting themselves from the masses of their arrow-flinging siblings, they instead use spears like Talonclaw and become prowling Melee fighters. Crafted by Ancient Tauren, and bolstered by Ancient animal spirits. Uprooting yourself from an artillery role and entering the front-line fray seems a little less daunting when you have a Godly war-spear to thrust through your enemies.


ARCANE – Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna

Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna - Arcane Mage

The Guardian of Tirisfal: a single Champion, invigorated by an entire pantheon of the world’s greatest Mages. Even among them, Aegwynn stood out as a mystical aficionado. Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna was the staff with which she wreaked arcane havoc upon the Legion’s teeming fel forces. Now, it falls back into the lap of another of Azeroth’s Champions, to revive its intended purpose.

FIRE – Felo’melorn

Felo'melorn WoW Legion Artifact Weapon

Felo’melorn. A fiery one-handed WoW Legion artifact weapon bubbling with overwhelming power. Enough to conjure searing infernos, swirling tempests of white-hot flames. Its presence was first introduced into Azeroth fittingly by the Sunstrider Family, during an Ancient chapter of its History. Its boiling wrath has been leveled upon many different foes, by many different hands over the course of its life. Now, it’s your turn to fight fire with fire.

FROST – Ebonchill

Mage Frost Ebonchill WoW Legion artifact weapon

Counteracting Felo’melorn’s burning influence, comes the frosty bite of Ebonchill’s winds. Commanded by the first ever Guardian of Tirisfal and kept under strict lock, key and surveillance by some of the world’s most adept Magi ever since. Purely for the fear of what could happen should this overwhelming artifact weapon fall into lesser hands. Consider yourself a formidable enough caster to utilize this icy instrument, or will you chicken out into a dual-spec?


BREWMASTER – Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion

Monk Brewmaster Fu Zan the Wanderer's Companion

Passed down from the Titanic Watcher Freya, to the Jade Serpent, Yu’lon, and then into the hands of the quick-witted Monkey King, and finally into your wanting mitts. Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion is a two-handed staff steeped in prestigious Lore and History. The remaining question is: do you consider yourself Monk enough to author a fitting follow-up?

MISTWEAVER – Sheilun, Staff of Mists

Monk Mistweaver Sheilun staff of the Mists

The last Pandaren Emperor, the noble Shaohao did his utmost to protect the people he cherished so dearly. His utmost was an impressive feat, as his efforts managed to splinter his home continent from Azeroth wholly, and encircle it in a mystifying fog that would serve as an impenetrable veil. Judging by the fact that you’ll be using his sole standing strain in the physical world – the legendary staff, Sheilun, Staff of Mists – to battle the very Legion he sought to protect his children from, it’s safe to say his wishes weren’t honored. So you at least owe him your best in clobbering Demon’s with what he left behind.

WINDWALKER – Fists of the Heavens

Monk artifact weapon Windwalker Fist of the Heavens

Though a relatively new class in the World of Warcraft, Monk’s definitely haven’t been shy in staking their claim as some of its most capable warriors. Windwalkers, and their divinely titled Fists of the Heavens, will maintain this tradition of ferocity how they know best: a savage onslaught of body-rocking blows delivered with the vigor only they know to wield.


HOLY – The Silver Hand

Holy Paladin - The Silver Hand artifact weapon

Wielded by Tyr against the Titans’ countless twisted foes. The Silver Hand was thought lost alongside Tyr’s own life, as he fell in battle against the treacherous minions of his deceitful former friend, Loken. Unearthed in time to be crashed down on the frames of the Demons it is so well-versed in slaying. Holy Paladins can put the brilliant power of this Mace to use, and do the honorable Keeper Tyr’s respected memory a service in death.

PROTECTION – Truthguard

Prot Paladin - Truthguard Artifact weapon

Protection Paladin’s erect an immovable bulwark in the face of their foe’s onslaught.

Thinking both of their comrade’s safety, and whittling down the number of hostiles before them. The Truthguard sword/shield combo complements both these hardened warrior’s ardent defenses, and their deceptively piercing offenses perfectly. And if all that fails, just cast a hasty Lay on Hands.

RETRIBUTION – Ashbringer

Ashbringer - Retribution Paladin

Drenched in rich Lore. One of the most cherished armaments in Warcraft History. The blade that shattered the Frostmourne, and fell the Lich King himself. Merely wielding the Ashbringer is an honor that finds no equal. Slaying a Dreadlord for the right to take it with you into battle against the nefarious Burning Legion? That’s almost a little TOO much fan-pandering.


DISCIPLINE – Light’s Wrath

Discipline Priest - Light's Wrath

Intended to twin itself alongside the aforementioned vaunted Ashbringer as the Scarlet Crusade’s personal weapon of mass holy destruction. The Light’s Wrath’s creation found itself toiled with by the insidious claws of a Dreadlord infiltrator. The resulting weapon was a shuddering mess, ebullient with uncontrollable holy strength. Stabilizing it will be no menial chore. But upon doing so, the fruits of your labor will be evident through one of the most powerful companions you could ask for.

HOLY – Tuure, Beacon of the Naaru

Holy Priest - Tuure, Beacon of the Naarua WoW Legion artifact weapon

The Naaru. Beings of raw, effervescent light, brimming with its energies and nearly unequaled in their might. Tuure, Beacon of the Naaru, managed to act as a focal point for their immense energy, which coursed through it, providing the escaping Draenei a necessary defense. In using this staff, you can’t possibly hope to match the seismic capacity the Naaru pushed this Artifact to as they saved the Draenei all those years ago. But you can at least pop some raid buffs and do your best trying.

SHADOW – Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire

Shadow Priest - Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire

In Legion, Shadow Priests transform into something darker, more wretched and malevolent. They become devotees to Warcraft’s resident Lovecraftian abominations: the Old Gods. In theme with this, they’ll be wielding Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire. Its name isn’t the only thing perplexing about this fearful artifact weapon. Its entire existence is a vile affront to existence itself. Sometimes – when facing something as sadistic as the Burning Legion – your only hope is to match their unimaginable terror with a little of your own.


ASSASSINATION – Blades of Sorrow (Anguish and Sorrow)

Assassination Rogue - Blades of Sorrow (Anguish and Sorrow)

Leaving no signs of the wielder’s work, drinking the blood of, and striking crippling poison through the veins of their unfortunate victims. Anguish and Sorrow are both fittingly titled, and the perfect tools for an Assassination Rogue. Leaping from the shadows to scrape and claws these venomous blades across your mark. PvP has never been so fun – or easy.

OUTLAW – The Dreadblades (Fate and Fortune)

Outlaw Rogue - The Dreadblades (Fate and Fortune)

Combat Rogues: a specialization infamous for their cleaving AoE ability and close-range versatility. In Legion, they’ll be re-branded with a hint of piracy, as Outlaws. With this, come the Dreadblades. An aptly swashbuckling twosome of one-handed swords, separately known as Fate and Fortune. In the hands of Azeroth’s newest and most amoral combatants, they’ll find the perfect fit.

SUBTLEY – Fangs of the Devourer

Subtlety Rogue - Fangs of the Devourer

Manufactured from the bloodletting fangs of Sargeras’ personal hound, Goremaw, and passed down to one of his deadliest Assassins. How they’re going to wind up in the wicked mitts of Subtlety Rogues – some of Azeroth’s most mortally meticulous death-dealers – is anyone’s guess. No brownie points for guessing what they’ll do when they get them, though.


ELEMENTAL – The Fist of Ra-Den

Elemental Shaman - The Fist of Ra-Den

Entrusted to Highkeeper Ra by the Highfather Aman’thul himself; the penetrating fangs protruding from the Fist of Ra-Den aren’t the only thing to take into account. So too should you factor in its unprecedented ability to channel the storms themselves. With crackling lightning vigorously surging through it, a Shaman’s elemental assault will reach yet-greater heights.

ENHANCEMENT – Doomhammer

Enhancement Shaman - Doomhammer artifact weapon

Forged on the Orcish home-world, the Doomhammer is another weapon already firmly fixed in the Lore. Once a weapon of unmatched warriors, swung by the burly arms of Orgrim Doomhammer. Later, redefined as a Shamanic tool by Thrall, and used to conduct assaults fueled by primitive, elemental rage. Hoping to match up to its previous holders may be a tall task, but by level cap, we’ll have done an alright job.

RESTORATION – Scepter of Azshara

Resto Shaman - Scepter of Azshara

Queen Azshara: the greatest Mage ever to grace the world of Azeroth. A Night Elf queen of unparalleled Arcane Magnificence. Her name-sake scepter resides not with her own class, thought, but with Restoration Shamans. Lost during the War of the Ancients, this artifact weapon bathes its targets in healing energies magnified by the waters of the Well of Eternity itself.


AFFLICTION – Ulthalesh, The Deadwind Harvester

Affliction Warlock - Ulthalesh The Deadwind Harvester artifact weapon

An intimidating class that commands the depraved power that Warlocks do demands to command an equally fearsome weapon. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester is a massive, soul-drinking scythe, gifted to the first Necrolyte Satiel by the corrupted Titan Sargeras. It earned its name as Satiel reaped the essence of the defenseless inhabitants of Deadwind pass. Yeah, that’s just about scary enough.

DEMONOLOGY – Skull of the Man’ari

Demonology Warlock - Skull of the Man’ari

Skulls are engraved in Warcraft mythos as tools that decidedly bolster magical capability. The Skull of Gul’dan is one thing, but the Skull of the Man’ari is quite another. Demonology Warlocks will greatly amplify their ability to empower summoned thralls using this, the grim, defiled remains of one of the Eredar’s most powerful leaders.

DESTRUCTION – Scepter of Sargeras

Destruction Warlock artifact weapon – Scepter of Sargeras

To carry the name of Sargeras is something that inspires fear in itself. To live up to those towering expectations with the awe-inspiring ability to tear open portals between different dimensional planes only serves to embolden the horrible might this staff brandishes. The Scepter of Sargeras won’t disappoint Destruction Warlocks, but should they allow it to, its chaotic potency may consume them.


ARMS – Stromkar, the Warbreaker

Arms Warrior - Stromkar, The Warbreaker artifact weapon

Arms Warriors aren’t famed for their subtlety or finesse. Rather, their blunt, sheer-force approach. What better way to encapsulate that than with a Goliath two-handed blade, designed to cleave even the most imposing foes in twain? Named the “Warbreaker” – and we’re betting for very good reason – Stromkar is a mighty lump of shattering metal wrought into a devastating form.

FURY – Warswords of Valajar (Odyn’s Fury and Helya’s Wrath)

Fury spec Warrior - Warswords of Valajar (Odyn's Fury and Helya's Wrath)

Sharply contrasting with the straightforward brutality of Arms Warriors, Fury Warriors whirlwinds of dancing steel, deceptively graceful in their lacerating approach. Accentuating this frenetic approach perfectly, the Warswords of Valajar were imbued with the consuming rage of a scorned sorceress in ages past. When the climactic battle with the Legion dawns, they’ll be usurped by your own, instead.

PROTECTION – Scale of the Earth-Warder

Prot Warrior - Scale of the Earth Warder artifact weapons

Few things provide a truly unbreakable defense; just about everything can be pierced or cracked through with enough effort. The Scale of the Earth-Warder is one of those rarities that can lay claim to being a genuinely impenetrable fortress of a Shield, as it’s a scale plucked from the world-cracking back of the World-Breaker, Deathwing. Better known by his later name: Deathwing. 

So, are you planning to pursue a particular one of these artifact weapons in Legion or perfectly content with your own class choice? Or, option C, just going to re-roll a Demon Hunter, like the rest of us? Take the discussion to the comments section, or even IGCritic’s Facebook or Twitter?