In collaboration with the hit anime filled with girls and tanks, developer Wargaming announces a unique World of Tanks x Girls und Panzer Theme for the PlayStation 4.

The theme doesn’t contain any animated backgrounds or music, and it’s very simple. But it does come with a cute background of the characters in Girls und Panzer and some custom tiles that players can choose to their liking. Its background features the five protagonists, Miho Nishizumi, Yukari Akiyama, Mako Reizei, Hana Isuzu and Saori Takebe, from the anime Girls und Panzer, each wearing a black World of Tanks T-shirt as they play the game itself on a PlayStation 4 system.

Take a look below to see how the theme looks like:


It’s absolutely free for download and can be found on the PlayStation Store.

Here’s how to download the theme:

1.Log in or create a Sony Entertainment Network account.
2.Select the PlayStation Store on your PS4.
3.Select Extras once in the PlayStation Store.
4.Go to PS4 Themes.
5.Find the “World of Tanks – Girls und Panzer” Theme and click download.

About Girls und Panzer: The anime series involves a group of girls at Oarai High School who take a certain sport called Sensha-dou very seriously. This isnt’t just any ordinary sport. Sensha-dou is actually combat that requires the operation of huge armored tanks! In Oarai High School, Sensha-dou championships are a BIG deal, so many their best students are forced to participate. Miho Nishizumi happens to be one of their best students.  Whilst she doesn’t want to be involved with tanks, she is forced by the student council to join a team and participate in the Sensha-dou championship.