It’s time to circle a date in your calendars because Paradox Interactive has just announced the release date for Cities: Skylines newest expansion, Snowfall. Ready for some cities and chill?

On January 18, 2016, Cities: Skylines official twitter released a teaser for the expansion by posting a picture of Chirper, a blue round bird, wearing a grey beanie. Following that day, a trailer for Cities: Skyline Snowfall was released on Youtube showing a city at night being showered by snow, characters wearing thick jackets, ice skating and a gigantic Christmas tree!


Developer Colossal Order has been posting updates for fans to know how Cities: Skylines Snowfall’s development goes, and what they can expect from their newest expansion. Inspired by the seemingly unending winter of Finland, Cities: Skylines Snowfall offers ice cold temperatures which should provide a new kind of  challenge to players who will now need to keep their citizens warm, clear snow blocked roads, and deal with all the other challenges winter can throw at you.  On the other hand, you will experience a new season in the game, and winter is … well a wonderful and festive season!

People have been asking us to add seasons to the game. However we felt that winter should have it’s own theme with unique challenges.

_Colossal Order says on one of their development diaries for Cities: Skylines: Snowfall.

Players can look forward to a number of features coming in Snowfall. The developers have prepared three premade maps already available on the expansion, but players can make their own winter map using the map editor. Some of the buildings and actions from the base game have been modified as well to fit the winter settings, and there will be new ones too. Take for example the palm trees, they’ve been changed into pine trees so that it’ll give the game a more snowy environment. Citizens won’t be hanging out in the piers either because of the cold weather, and they’ve got a new fashion line set up just for that!

Some of the new buildings in the expansions can only be available in Snowfall, and there will be a few that are only there if you also have the After Dark expansion. But winters effects are said to be ready for other map themes. As previously stated, players are given a new set of challenges in Snowfall, but the developers have also given ways to face them. For snow infested roads, you’ll be given the option to plow the snow as well as a road maintenance service.The maintenance service can help boost the overall performance of your city roadways, reducing traffic and allowing vehicles to travel faster.

Another feature that fans have been waiting for are trams which operate on tracks. This medium of transportation can run on standalone tracks, making it easier for public use. Trams also have a larger passenger capacity compared to buses, and can elevated or run through tunnels.

Colossal Order will most likely announce more features closer to the release date.

Cities: Skylines: Snowfall is set for release February 18th, 2016 and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.