Video games tend to consist of some insane adventures and over-the-top characters, a lot of the time they’ll give you a way to surprise yourself in the form of collectable trophies for doing weird or entirely random things.

For those who pride themselves in having a complete and hard-earned trophy collection, they can take a lot of experimentation and quite a long while to acquire. After all, they’re not all simple things and they can at times feel as though the game developers just wanted to jerk you about. Here are the 5 WEIRDEST PS4 trophies you will ever encounter.

  1. Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator - Devil Goat trophy

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Devil Goat
Description: We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell

Goat Simulator is an interesting game… For those looking to fill the cloven-hooves of a domesticated farm animal and see through the rectangular pupils of a goat, the game might offer a little more than expected. The goat in question has a supernaturally long tongue and all the motor abilities of a quadruped skateboarder.

If that seemed completely normal to you, this weird PS4 trophy, ‘Devil Goat’ won’t seem unusual in the slightest. It involves the goat and a pentagram in the small town of Goatville. You make goats rain down from the sky and use your ridiculously long tongue to gather them into the pentagram, soon after you’ll do the same with a human and thus create a giant polymorphic demon concoction. Well done goat…just an average day then?

  1. Deadpool

Deadpool's "I'm Expecting Company" trophyBuy Deadpool
 I’m Expecting Company
Description: Make a thousand pancakes

The titular character Deadpool is a recent favourite of audiences everywhere, and arguably, it began with the comic-book merc’s first video game back in 2013. Featuring the voice(s) of Nolan North, Deadpool is guaranteed to make you laugh and/or experience moments of slightly elevated levels of nasal exhalation for hours.

Deadpool knows he’s a fictional character. Something you might have seen if you’ve read the comics or watched film released last year, with which the re-release of the video game coincided. The Deadpool game is full of silly, outrageous things, and it’s all meant to throw you off, keep you guessing and wanting to explore. One of the weirdest PS4 trophies you’ll get is ‘I’m Expecting Company’, for making 1000 pancakes in Deadpool’s apartment. Get your toque on and get flipping!

  1. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin's Creed Syndicate's What is wrong with you trophyBuy Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
 What is Wrong with You?
Description: Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses

You’ll find you aren’t always rewarded for particularly spectacular or virtuous things. Sometimes, you’re rewarded for being sadistic and evil. Just like in the real world. While the requirements for this next weird PS4 trophy certainly wouldn’t impress Marquis de Sade in the slightest, they did succeed in making some people a bit shocked to be rewarded for doing such things.

The PlayStation trophy, fittingly named ‘What is Wrong with You?’ requires you to flip five vehicles by shooting the innocent horses dragging them along the streets of London. Honestly, to see a foe wildly roll through the air on his carriage, is just a bit satisfying, but you wouldn’t really expect to be given a trophy for it. That’s just a bit weird, isn’t it?

  1. I Am Bread

I Am Bread's "Doughny Hawk" trophyBuy I Am Bread
Doughny Hawk
 Stand upright on the skateboard and ride it for 1m or more as the Wholemeal bread

What is there to say about I Am Bread? It’s a wholesome, somewhat satisfying game for those who’ve always stared at their morning toast and thought, “you, my crispy friend, would make a fantastic video game hero”. Lo and behold, I Am Bread — No, not the rye-filled spin-off of 2007’s film I Am Legend, but a comedic adventure game by developer, Bossa Studios.

The weirdest PS4 trophy you could ever get in I Am Bread requires fantastic skateboarding skills. The trophy called ‘Doughny Hawk’ calls for you to test your skills as the best damn whole-wheat skater ever, by standing upright on a skateboard and riding it for 1 metre.

  1. Final Fantasy VII

Consummate Cross-Dresser trophy in Final Fantasy VIIBuy Final Fantasy VII
Consummate Cross-Dresser
 Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females

Finally, we have the last weird, albeit, entertaining trophy on this list, ‘Consummate Cross-Dresser’. You obtain this weird PS4 trophy by getting Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females accompanying him. It’s more difficult than it sounds. You’ll have to go around Wall Market beforehand and find a bunch of things to hide the last of Cloud’s masculine features— Firstly, a silk dress, because you want to exude elegance. Second, a blonde wig, because it really brings out his eyes. Third, sexy cologne…almost 100% certain Cloud just wanted it because of reasons. Fourth, you’ll need a diamond tiara, perhaps to distract from the fact that Cloud is a man. Fifth, lingerie and make-up.

When done right, Don Corneo will pick Cloud over the girls and take our hero to his private room. Some are excited to see how the developers will handle this scene in the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. It’ll definitely be one of the more worthwhile PlayStation trophies and pretty much the only time deceiving someone through immaculate cross-dressing is a reward-worthy feat.