With just a week left until its official release, Capcom brings the hype for Street Fighter V to the next level with an epic full CG trailer.

The Street Fighter V cinematic trailer gives players a glimpse of the story that unfolds within the video game. New characters will make an appearance, returning ones will rise from the grave and beyond, and possible interactions are shown between the characters fans have all come to love for the past years. Different relationships between characters are unraveled in the trailer, showing off some possible story driven partnerships, team-ups, rivalries and even adversaries in the game. Characters such as Chun Li, Ken and Cammy are seen trying to corner Bison, while others are fighting one on one with other characters.

Many Street Fighter fans are already speculating and expecting an appearance from Evil Ryu, and Necalli who appears to be the final boss for Street Fighter V basing on what can be picked in the trailer. At the end of the cinematic, Ryu is seen transforming into Evil Ryu after an epic face off with the animalistic and mysterious Necalli. This clash seemed to have piqued many fans interests. And let’s not forget the game console which bodied Fang in the trailer. Fang is one of the newest characters introduced in Street Fighter V, known as an assassin who is Bison’s second in command in Shadaloo. Capcom Community Manager, Matt Edwards, has introduced Fang in a character introduction video found below:

Ultra Savage!

Besides its story, the Street Fighter V also shows off its new looks, taking on some changes in its art direction. Textures are smoother while colors and shadows are given a water-color feel, making it look softer on the eyes. Similar to Ultra Street Fighter IV, this title makes characters look slightly cartoony, only this time, they’ve mixed it up with a little realism.

Although not confirmed in the actual gameplay, character animations (such as jumping, rolling, etc) appear to be splashes of colors, rather than actual character animation. This particular style takes on a similar approach old comic books and cartoons use when animating moving objects and characters. All in all, the trailer makes Street Fighter V look like an animated comic book.

Rise up!