Still on its way for release this coming March 29, 2016 on PS3 and PS4, the Major League Baseball video game by SCE San Diego Studio is getting an expansion entitled MLB: The Show 16 – Diamond Dynasty Expansion.

Players have a series of things to look forward to in this authentic baseball video game experience as improvements and features have been added in the expansion. The most anticipated and requested by many of the game’s fans is also coming along with it. MLB: The Show 16 – Diamond Dynasty features a multiplayer mode called “Play with Friends”.

But what are you gonna do when [you] play with these friends? Well, we got a lot of new considerations that you can think about. We got a lot of new features.

– Nick Livingston and Lance Leahy from a discussion on MLB: The Show 16 – Diamond Dynasty Expansion.

SCE San Diego Studio teamed with a baseball analytics firm, Inside Edge, to provide daily match up data for the actual baseball players attribute cards present in the game. This way, the characters will have their own unique attributes, and a roster creation diversity can be encouraged for gamers.

In addition, players can gain experience, rewards and items through missions. These missions can be unlocked through different ways. It can be based on what stats a certain character has, cards the player has collected or an event that triggered the mission. Another way to obtain special awards is the captain feature wherein characters assigned as captains earn tickets that can be exchanged for different prizes like equips, cards, and more. Tickets can be acquired regardless of what mode the players choose to play.

Make sure to check out the video above for the full walkthrough of MLB: The Show 16 – Diamond Dynasty.

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