1. Call of Duty: Black Ops


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Moving away from the ages of antiquity, we return to the modern era closer to home. Call of Duty: Black Ops places us in the Cold War through the eyes of Alex Mason as he recounts various events under interrogation, such his involvement with Operation 40, a real US-government sanctioned, CIA sponsored counter-intelligence group comprised of Cuban exiles. The game, like some, as previously stated, takes liberties with its source material, but the technology, historical figures, and important events adhere close to the source material. 

  1. L.A Noire

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The fun thing about this third-person action/mystery game set in L.A., aside from the hilariously robotic movements relative to the motion-captured facial performances, is the fact that every case featured in the game is based on a real-life occurance, including the Black Dahlia murder. Of course, there are a few (again, like the Black Dahlia murder) that even today, remain unsolved. It’s still quite an educational experience if you’re interested in that sort of thing. 

  1. Rise of Nations

rise of nations gameplay

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One of the best real-time strategy games out there, Rise of Nations follows the development of civilisation, and offers the opportunity to follow the development of 18 different civilisation ranging from the Mayans to the Greeks, each equipped with special powers with which to rise, such as the power of architecture, and the power of philosophy, respectively. Units have real-life counterparts respective to the nation and survival of said nation. 

  1. Europa Universalis Series

By Europa Universalis IV

Grand Strategy games have always been known to possess some amount of educational value, owing to the insight into the political, economical, and geographical factors that decided the outcome of major historical battles. That’s one of the reasons why the Europa Universalis series has succeeded for so long. Its campaigns allow us a glimpse into the difficulty with which events such as the American Revolution took place. The series is unique in that it allows you to pick from one of a hundred civilisations, and play through their history with considerable accuracy. If you are indeed looking for a more educational experience in your gaming collection, Europa Universalis is definitely a game you should add to your list. 

  1. Rise of Prussia

Another grand-strategy game worth mentioning is Rise of Prussia, the 2010 addition to AGEOD’s series of historically set video games. In this game, you get to pick between Prussia and Austria. There are 200 leaders to choose from, each one with a special bonus. You’ll play through 20 European campaigns covering the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). It was an interesting time and this is an interesting game, if you enjoy a bit of history in your entertainment.

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