Being a super hero has always been a nonpaying job, and becoming one isn’t cheap either. That is why developer Silverhelm Studios has just begun crowdfunding for their upcoming Super Hero World MMO, Valiance Online.


Valiance Online is a MMORPG which takes place in the city of San Cielo. The people of San Cielo have discovered a source of magical energy, allowing them to use abilities that break the limits of ordinary human power. With this highly powerful energy, people can choose to live their lives as a noble hero of good and justice, a defiant villain who wants to see the world burn, or someone who just wants to have fun with their powers.

Crowdfunding for Valiance Online is currently in Phase 1, aiming to cover up some of the basic costs for the game. This includes getting a full-time staff who can work on developing the game, server costs, upgrading character creation, making the game’s main story, roleplay character attributes, and live streaming.

The developers have planned on taking the crowdfunding phases up to six times in order to fully develop Valiance Online into a super action packed experience for players everywhere. Last year, the Valiance Online Team lost a number of key staff member but have been able to quickly turn this around. Through voluntary work, the team was able to pull it off and make significant progress, including basic character creation and customization, a combat system, making powers and class for characters, a playable area, and more.

“But when many thought we’d given up our efforts, they had no idea we’d been tucked away building a stronger team.” – Valiance Online Team’s IronSight.