It’s been over a month since Unravel was, well, unraveled to the world, receiving positive feedback from players. But for those who haven’t experienced this wonderful game, ColdWood Interactive and EA are inviting you to meet Yarny for the first time and unravel your journey together in the Unravel free trial.

In case you don’t know what Unravel is, it is a physics-based puzzle platformer that follows the tale of its silently lovable protagonist, Yarny. Set in the beautiful lands of Scandinavia, Yarny journeys in a big world with a lot of obstacles ahead. Yarny can use his own thread to get past these obstacles to create bridges, wiggle through gaps or swing across levels.

His tale shows that love and positivity can take us far, no matter how big, or how many challenges lie ahead of us. As you experience Yarny’s adventure, you’ll find a touching tale behind his unraveling red thread.

What makes Yarny’s journey and Unravel’s story unique, is that it isn’t there to be told – it’s there to be discovered. – Electronic Arts

Unravel free trial

Unravel is a story that takes players on an emotional journey and creates a deeper connection between them and Yarny. Its tale is not intended to be told, but rather, its primary purpose is to let players experience Yarny’s adventure first hand.  The first level is titled “Thistle and Weeds” and is available as a 10 hours trial for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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