In the year of 2016, games like Fallout 4, XCom 2, Street Fighter 5 and Uncharted 4 are getting a lot of hype. Many of these games involve a lot of action, characters needing to use weapons or face-to-face combat to defend themselves, and sometimes, dark stories. It seems many of these games today are getting noticed by players everywhere. But in the midst of these popular titles, developer ColdWood Interactive introduces a game that will tickle players’ hearts.

Coming out tomorrow, February 9, 2016, is their new physics-based puzzle platform game called Unravel.


Join the silent yet lovable protagonist, Yarny, who is made out of red yarn, on a journey through the beautiful lands of Scandinavia. And never go without any challenges? This one certainly has a number of them. Using Yarny’s thread, players manoeuvre through different obstacles solving puzzles throughout the game. A few examples of Yarny’s abilities include; swinging on a thread through large gaps, the ability to create yarn bridges, and even making use of a grappling rope. Creative director, Martin Salhin said the following during the introduction of Unravel in E3 2015:

 I think games are really powerful things. They have the ability to grab you and move you in a way that few other art forms can’t. And that gives us game makers the responsibility, I think. We should try to do more than just entertain, and Unravel was created in that spirit. It was born out of the need to make something personal, something with a heart.

Creative Director, Martin Salhin described Yarny as a presentation of something made out of love. Yarny’s thread purposely unravels throughout the game because Salhin explained that it happens when one is separated by something they love. Unravel, without narration and words, tells a heartfelt story that players can immerse themselves in.

You can check out the game’s official trailer above or you can buy the game and experience Yarny’s adventure first hand. For PC, Unravel is available at Origin. Unravel is also up for PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation Store, and for the Xbox One at the Xbox Store.