Have you ever been in love? Your eyes meet across a crowded room, your lives drift closer together, violins start to play as you melt into each others embrace. Lovely imagery, I know, but in video games its never that easy. Sometimes it takes real grit to keep love alive and here are IGCritic‘s top 6 labors of love in video games.

6. Final Fantasy X-2

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As part of her PR campaign, Yuna and the Gullwings commit to aiding the denizens of Spira in any way they can. Enter the shopkeeper and his son who reside in the calm lands. This father wants nothing more than for his son to find a nice woman to marry. Unable to leave the family business the task falls to Yuna to score the entire length and breadth of Spira to boast a good impression, raise interest and rally candidates for a possible matrimonial match for this wayward bachelor. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person however and you may end up making things worse. This instance isn’t about love for your own sake, but selflessly helping others. Despite how sweet it is to have a hand in fanning the flames of romance, the time and energy required to complete this side quest successfully certainly makes it a labor.

5. Shadow of the Colossus

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Theirs is a typical love story. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl becomes virgin sacrifice. Boy turns his back on his people, breaks their biggest taboo, steals a magical sword and ventures into a forbidden land on his horse. To resurrect his beloved, he strikes a deal with the bodiless voice of Dormin and takes on the titanic task of hunting down 16 giants, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. He must search through sea, through sky, through valley and vale. In many instances, simply finding these beasts is more of a challenge than the actual battle. Once found, unless you are particularly clever, it could mean hours of dodging a stamping while you search for a weak spot. Even after slaying these majestic creatures, there is an ever bigger price to be paid. Whoever said love was simple, never had to jump onto the back of the Avion Beast.

4. Super Ghouls and Ghosts

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In Super Ghouls and Ghosts the princess has been kidnapped by a demon at the behest of the Emperor Sardius and the land invaded by hoards of monsters and sinister spectres. Ok, so she’s not the first princess to be kidnapped by a demonic army and held hostage in a tower but that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s up to Sir Arthur to clash with the forces of darkness, avoid deadly traps and make his way through settings fearful and frightening. On top of that, it’s bloody hard. Plan your jumps carefully because it’s impossible to control your movement while airborne. Good luck avoiding that demon fire because he has the worst armor ever forged. It’s designed to fall apart in a single hit. Beating back hordes of demons is harrowing enough, yet to do so in your underpants is something else entirely. For anyone willing to go through all this trouble, it must be love.

3. Brothers: A tale of Two Sons


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Having lost their mother to the seas a year ago, this family still mourn her loss. As if they haven’t had enough tragedy already, one day the father falls deathly ill. In Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons it’s now up to these two siblings to gather their courage to climb the peeks of the looming mountain, where the village priest instructs them to gather water from the tree of life that could hold the cure for their ailing father. What begins as a fun journey full of pranks and adventure in their hometown, gradually becomes increasingly more perilous as they head further into their adventure. Teamwork between these two brothers is a vital necessity to overcome the mountain of obstacles in their path. Relying on each others particular skills and strengths, you feel a defined sense of brotherhood. It’s more than trust, more than friendship, more than respect. This is family. This is love.

2. Dante’s Inferno

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Dante has been just a bit busy for a few years with the holy crusades for King and Country. His beautiful beloved Beatrice, has been awaiting his return in his fathers care. However, the day of his return, Beatrice and his father are murdered, mere hours before his arrival. He shouldn’t have taken so long sowing his life story into his chest. Who does that? There are better ways to practice embroidery you know, Dante. Rather than ascending to the bliss of paradise ever after, Dante witnesses Beatrice’s pure soul dragged to the deepest circle of Hell by none other than Satan himself. In order to save her soul, not only must he venture into the dismal depths of the afterlife but he must face the incarnate weight of his own sins, the wrath of those he has wronged, and alleviate the sorrows of those he loved in life. Oh and kill Satan.

1. Heavy Rain

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Out of the four characters that you guide through the events of Heavy Rain, in our opinion no one is driven by love quite like Ethan Mars. When his son is kidnapped by the Origami killer, he is faced with overcoming five trials in order to discover clues that will reveal his sons location before he drowns in the rising rain water. Time is of the essence. Aside from avoiding the FBI and consecutively questioning his own sanity, Each test is designed to push Ethan’s resolve to the breaking point. It is possible to choose to back out and fail the challenges, missing out on important information, but knowing this could be the death of his son it’s only fair to ask; How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love? A question I would hope, we never have to answer.

Love is a many splendid thing, but as it appears in the gamerverse, finding it is one thing and keeping it is an entirely different bunch of fire flowers. What’s your opinion? Which games hold your top tasks for proving you devotion? How many titles do you know that rate romance with a battle of bravery? Let us know in the comments below. Do you love us? We love you, and you don’t need to down a giant to prove it. Just check out our YouTube channel for fun vids on gaming and we will love you forever.