In 2015, Obsidian Entertainment wowed players with its newest IP Pillars of Eternity, which saw a two-part expansion (the latter of which released in February of 2016.) I have followed Obsidian since the days of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, but Pillars of Eternity took RPG gameplay to the next level. Now Obsidian Entertainment has announced an all new video game called Tyranny, which explores the dark reality of what happens when evil defeats the forces of good in war.

Tyranny puts you in the role of a Fatebinder, one of the law-keepers under the regime of Kyros the Overlord. Kyros has quelled all opposition and taken hold of the land, and now his law-keepers are the judges and executioners of his will. As a Fatebinder you and your allies will have the opportunity to decide whether to enforce Kyros’ rule, or use your status as Fatebinder to enforce your own idea of Justice.

blowing up a gateAccording to the developer, Obsidian Entertainment, choices greatly matter over the course of Tyranny, showcasing how your actions can choose the fate of the nations that have been conquered. You might be able to inspire stability and loyalty in the populace, or you may choose instead to spread fear and oppression in those who have been beaten down as a result of the war.

While we have no idea what the Tyranny release date is, we can tell that the world of Tyranny is harsh and unforgiving, a place where cruelty is rewarded if Kyros’ banner is in your hands.

I greatly hope that Tyranny gives us lasting choices that do have a great effect on the overarching plotline. While I loved Pillars of Eternity, there were many choices that didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, though there were a few that had lasting consequences (such as character deaths). I would love to see Obsidian’s new game Tyranny give us a bit more control, let us choose to put people in power that support Kyros’ regime, and let us make the choice to either put fear and despair in the rest, or snuff out dissent entirely.

village in tyrannyMany video games also give the illusion of having power as an evil character, without giving you real power to strike fear into your enemies. I would love Tyranny to be a video game that allows the player to feel powerful, to feel like they really can do anything to anyone and not have consequences as long as their lord stands behind them. With that being said I’d love to have moral choices that allow us to choose what sort of law-keeper we are. Are you a cruel executioner? Or are you fair and just in your rulings? I would love to be able to play both ways without being penalized.

Either way, I am excited for Tyranny, and after Obsidian Entertainment’s work on Pillars of Eternity, I cannot wait to see what the world they have created is like. So far Tyranny lacks a release date, but is said to be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux at some point.