Since the creation of Minecraft, voxel-based games of a cubic variety have grown in popularity. There have been first person shooters in the cubic style, as well as a fantasy MMO called Cube World; which has gone down in infamy as to being in a sort of developmental hell. Trove is an MMO with a lofty premise; providing fun, voxel-styled gameplay accessible for all ages. Can you and your friends fight the evil forces of Shadow while riding incredible cats of doom? With Trove, this is not only possible; it is ENCOURAGED!

The first thing you should know as the player is that while the game was created with keyboard and mouse in mind; unlike World of Warcraft you can play Trove with a Gamepad. This is great for gamers who would rather have full control with a joystick than using their mouse and keyboard for everything.  That having been said there are certain limitations to this gamepad support, such as the player being unable to interact in the options menu with their controller, having to resort to mouse use instead. Luckily, you can entirely rebind the gamepad controls in the options menu, as well as re-binding keyboard controls, so that Trove controls exactly how you want it to.

While this will only take you so far (as a controller only has so many buttons) it will at least provide an alternative to the normal control scheme.

At the start of the game, you have a choice between one of ten different classes, though four other classes are available through in-game currency once you reach a certain point in the game. Once you have created your character (I chose an Ice Sage, since I prefer caster classes) you are introduced to the tutorial where you are able to customise your hair and skin tone (as well as your eye and hair colour) in a barbershop near the place you spawn.


As you play, you unlock new abilities beyond your simple basic attack, and your primary ability. You also gain equipment that changes how your character looks. For example, my first piece of equipment was a bucket of popcorn that worked as a helmet. The level of ridiculous humour in Trove is immensely entertaining, and I found myself waiting to see just what the game would come up with next; even the hairstyles that you can choose from have hidden Easter egg references in them.

You will also receive a different daily reward based on what day it is in game; Weekends give you cubits (like gold in World of Warcraft) while other days give you bonuses to various tasks such as adventuring or harvesting. In addition to being able to buy other classes for your character, you can also buy costumes, power up boosts, mounts, and a variety of other premium options.

Trove is an entirely open world experience, where you are able to undergo quests, fight enemies, level up and progress. Additionally, each player gets their own Cornerstone, a home base that can travel with you and enable you to craft, build, and do whatever you like as long as there is a cornerstone plot nearby. This truly blends the concepts of Minecraft with an MMO, as you can craft and build anything your heart desires as long as you can find and harvest the materials for it.

This is honestly where Trove shines brightest. The combat in the game isn’t exactly revolutionary, and as far as character progression goes, things are relatively simple. However the fact that you can make your character look however you want, and make their weapons look however you want (as long as you’ve collected the proper style) makes Trove a highly accessible experience for those people who like customization. The multitude of classes also makes up for a lack of depth or skill trees, as you can build a character with multiple classes, and be able to make a Dracolyte Ice Sage or a Candy Barbarian with Chloromancy.


Trove is absolutely gorgeous for a voxel styled game, the environments are vibrant and colorful, and every enemy is unique.

there are a variety of equipment items that have silly, awesome, or sometimes adorable designs, and there is always something new to see and do in the world of Trove.

Mastery ranks also enable you to level even further; when you undergo quests, you’ll gain experience from killing monsters, but by COMPLETING quests you can gain mastery ranks which unlock a variety of things from passive bonuses, to new mounts, crafting materials, and more. Additionally, once you reach Mastery Rank 5, you can unlock wings which allow you to fly. Speaking of Crafting materials, there are a variety of things to craft in Trove; from Rings to runes, cosmetic items, decorations, the crafting capabilities are huge.

PvP (Player Versus Player) has also been implemented in Trove, allowing you to fight against other players once you reach a certain mastery rank. At that point, you can earn Battle Ranks that unlock a variety of other interesting things. You are under no obligation to spend time in PvP if you don’t want to, so if you’d rather spend time playing with friends or fighting monsters then you are fully able to without any negative repercussions.

You can also form a Club, which is like a guild but enables an entirely new world that you and your friends can build in without having to worry about the 16 by 16 block cornerstone limit for your own personal base. This allows you to have large shared spaces with the people you hang out with, rather than having a bunch of tiny cornerstone areas that are separated from one another.


Aside from the Club World, and the various adventuring worlds; you will also spend time in the Hub World, which is essentially Trove’s way of connecting the various worlds together. Additionally, the hub world allows access to various holiday-specific crafting benches for holiday content, and also enables a community chest which people can put things in no matter what club you are a part of, or what level you are (as long as your level is high enough to unlock the community chest that is.)

Trove is absolutely full of content; with 290 mastery ranks, tons of classes to play, vast worlds to explore, and bosses and dungeons galore. However, Trove does have a few problems. One of these issues is the fact that when you are in your cornerstone base, enemies can enter and attack you because you are unable to build a door for your cornerstone. Enemies can attack you while you are building or harvesting materials as well, making it difficult to collect things as you immediately have to switch out of build mode and back into combat mode.

Beyond those issues, Trove is well a treasure trove of gameplay and endless replay value. Whether you are bringing friends together to fight the forces of evil in group dungeons, fighting other players in PvP or going it solo and undergoing quests; there is always something fun to do in the land of Trove. Friends, Family, Adults, Children, all ages and all walks of life can enjoy Trove, especially fans of MMO’s or fans of Minecraft. Trove is what we all hoped Cube World would be all those years ago.



• Endless content with a multitude of classes to play
• Vibrant colours and interesting environments
• Gameplay accessible for all ages and skill levels


• Build mode does not stop enemies attacking you
• Resource Gathering is tedious in higher level areas,
• Other players can complete dungeons and prevent you from getting rewards