The Spunky, Perky Overwatch character Tracer has gotten all sorts of controversial press in the last week, specifically regarding an over the shoulder victory pose that was removed after one fan saw it as “Too overly sexualized and provocative” citing that it seemed “out of character” for the tomboy-esque spunky character of Tracer; more fitting a character like the Femme Fatale character Widow.

Blizzard took note of these concerns, and offered a statement that promised a change to Tracer’s pose, and Jeff Kaplan (the game’s director) personally commented, stating – “We’ll replace Tracer’s pose. We want everyone to feel strong and heroic in our community. The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, under-appreciated or misrepresented.”

Blizzard has flowed through on this promise in the most hilarious way, providing an all new victory pose for Tracer that seems absurd, yet somehow more dare I say…bootylicious than the first pose.

Here is a look at the first pose

Tracer over the shoulder pose

Here is a look at the new one

Tracer new pose

While the second one is less overtly sexual than the first, the fact that there seems to be just as much of a rear view in this pose than the last one lends the idea that perhaps Blizzard is trolling the oversensitive fans a little bit and giving “Content Policing” a definitive message. This second pose also seems to have more character, giving Tracer a sexy, spunky feel rather than just a sexy one; so in a way it does fit her character more, though I wonder how she manages to balance herself in mid-pose when she almost defies gravity and physics standing merely on the toes of one singular foot.

It is pretty clear that Blizzard is sending a message with this new update, but I don’t honestly believe they had anything to be concerned over in the first place. She’s clothed, her armor score is still high even though she’s not in the legendary bikini of solitude+9, and she has a gun, so maybe Nathan Drake could learn a thing or two about showing off a little more booty when you shoot at things.

Sex sells, and while some games take this too far, I think Blizzard is having a bit of fun with it, if Blizzard gave one of their male characters a pose like this I might consider picking up Overwatch and giving it a try.