Trailers are the lifeblood of starting that new games hype train, for better or worse. Most people forget to measure their expectations though, and anything can look great with the right editing and clip selection for that first game trailer reveal. Upcoming game trailers don’t always disappoint however, and at the end of the day are necessary for actually showing a glimpse of what to even look forward to in some of the most anticipated video games. That said, not all game trailers are made equal, and releasing the best game trailer is exactly what any video game needs to get their foot in the door, especially from a smaller studio. So for better or worse in the end, here are the top 10 trailers for games releasing in 2017, because what’s wrong with looking forward to something.

10. Detroit: Become Human

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I’m not really a big fan of David Cage’s previous works, I’ve always had the impression that not too many were in recent times, but credit where it’s due, Detroit looks interesting. The continuation that that well received Kara demo for ages ago, Detroit takes place in a distance future where androids are common place, and starting to question their existence and rights to live. Yeah I know, it’s hardly a unique premise really, but it’s always an interesting topic of discussion, especially in the medium of video games. Not a ton is out there concerning plot and gameplay, but this will once again be the David Cage fare of offering a long overarching story where you choose the path taken, and reap the results of your every action. I’m not sure whether or not this will be a hit or another flop, but if this top game trailer means anything then I hope it does better than more recent titles, I’m hopeful for it.

9. Prey for the Gods

We don’t know too much about Prey for the Gods other than it looks like the next generation of Shadow Colossus. That description alone has me on board. Alone on a frozen island full of monsters and hidden dangers, Prey for the Gods takes the large scale boss battles of Colossus and throws it together with survival and exploration as you get to hunt for supplies, seek shelter and fight off enemies both big and small to get to the bottom of the story behind just why you’re there. If nothing else it offers an attempt at being one of the few true spiritual successors to try and take the formula Colossus fans loved and flesh out the world just enough to give it something more, without removing the core focus.

Between seeing sky fights with flying behemoths, exploring the freezing woods and hunting down massive monsters across the island, Prey for the Gods looks to be a good game title to watch out for in 2017, if only to hope to for games to probably capture what the original inspiration delivered so well.

8. Super Mario Odyssey

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I do have to give a little bit of a special mention to Super Mario Odyssey, because I think it could be the first game trailer for a Mario game that genuinely interested me in playing a new title in the franchise for…maybe the first time. I’ve played Mario games in the past sure, a handful of them here and there, but I’ve just sort of ran across them somehow, or picked them up from good word and gameplay videos. An actual trailer that excited me though? I’m not sure it’s actually been the case.

Be it some excitement behind Nintendo’s new Switch console, or simply the look Mario running through New Donk City and open looking environments, Super Mario Odyssey impressed me more than most, because it’s simply something I wouldn’t be expecting to have a strong interest towards. If that doesn’t sum up what makes a video game trailer good, I’m not sure what else the point of them would be.

7. Halo Wars 2

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Fans of the Halo franchise, RTS games or not, will be excited to check out the changes and improvements this Halo title will bring after the originals lukewarm reception. You have to admit that the Halo series has always known how to make the best game trailers, this trailer being no exception. From the commanders walking through the battlefield as player representations to the epic fight scenes and slow motion analysis, it does perfectly represent that feeling you want a Real Time Strategy game to bring. It evokes memories of their past works and stirs a nostalgia for a series the vast majority of gamers will have played if not experienced.

6. Call of Cthulhu

I do love my Lovecraftian horror, despite being a complete coward in the face of all horror games. I don’t know what it is that draws me in exactly, although truly, we’ve never meant to gain true comprehension in the face of madness. Many games have taken so much inspiration from Lovecraft’s works, but few are directly connected to the license, since you know, copyright. Call of Cthulhu promises to bring us the tale of eldritch horror we’ve been waiting for though, as the player will be investigating sudden disappearances and deaths, cults, forbidden secrets and even their own sanity in this retelling of a classic.

My only fear is whether this will service that itch for the unknown in true elder god fashion, or will this simply turn out to be jump scares and creepy atmosphere. Horror games come and go but this will be a rare chance to do Call of Cthulhu justice, and I hope it’s not just the stock standard walk and scare. If the Call of Cthulhu trailer is any indication though, with the cultists and tentacles, the environments and characters, this looks worth keeping an eye on for sure.

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