5. Twilight Spirits

If you were to mash The Matrix within the Chinese setting of the action movies that inspired it, we’re pretty confident that Twilight Spirits would be the answer. Combining a fun bullet-time mechanic which we hope will be incredibly addictive with cinematic quality visuals, Twilight Spirits isn’t just your standard hack n slash game. How could it be when it oozes so much character and style? This will be the very first game to make use of what’s known as the Nirvana engine, so everything looks set to function smoothly as you try to dominate as many dungeon bosses as possible.

4. Worlds Adrift

A procedurally generated MMO open world in which players will be able to sail to any floating island they see in the distance, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that Worlds Adrift sounds like it might have shades of No Man’s Sky, but we’re hoping that this endless online experience can nail it this time around. Making use of a gorgeous burn orange art-style along with your very own grappling hook, even the sky can’t be the limit when this highly anticipated MMO releases in 2017.

3. Lost Ark

Heavily inspired by the likes of Diablo III, Lost Ark is an upcoming action MMORPG which intends to let players roam the world freely in anyone of 18 generously distinct character classes. There’ll be plenty of lands to discover and islands to explore, with a series of dungeons to raid with friends that Lost Ark is hoping evokes a uniquely cinematic feel. If the jaw-dropping graphics don’t leave you stunned, the sheer amount of stuff to do certainly will.

2. Bless Online

A fantastical photo-realistic MMO that places a lot of emphasis on story and character as well as gameplay, Bless Online is one of the most attractive games we’ve seen running on the Unreal 3 engine which will hopefully keep pulling us back in because of it. The MMO game has already enjoyed a successful closed Beta with just a few tweaks left to be made, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to finally engross ourselves into the decade-long feud between two ancient races.

1. Destiny 2

Bungie is at last bringing its sci-fi space opera shooter franchise to the PC this year, as well as adding a bucket-load more content that looks to iterate every way on what we already know. Expect new planets, more raids and strikes to master and take down, but perhaps most importantly a few more cut scenes this time round to help flesh out and further explain the world of Destiny. You can bet that the shooting mechanics will feel tighter than ever, so ready up Guardian because the crucible will return with a vengeance.

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