Whether it’s the thrill of sharing a massively populated MMO world with others amidst an epic and engaging overarching storyline, or you simply like the feeling of grinding up your own custom character to be one of the very best, MMOs never fail to impress us with their grand scale and in-depth combat and customisation options.

2017 looks set to be one of the very best years in the MMO genre, with various franchises returning to be bigger and better than ever, along with a bunch of new locations and worlds to engross ourselves in. We hope you’ve got hundreds of hours going spare, because here are IGCritic’s top 10 most anticipated MMOs releasing in 2017.

10. Dual Universe

Hoping to take the concept of in-depth space simulation to the next level (at least until Star Citizen finally arrives), Dual Universe kicks off our 2017 MMO list in big fashion taking place within a “single continuous, undivided universe”. The space MMO game is actively planning to let players edit and shape the game world in a Minecraft-esqe way, letting you craft and build anything from weapons, ships, and even cities. But will this upcoming 2017 MMO be able to pull it off? We’ll find out during its Alpha release.

9. Peria Chronicles Online

A must-play for Manga and Anime enthusiasts who wish to share their over the top experiences in a MMO world, Peria Chronicles looks set to fully realise what the Sword Art Online games should have been, taking place in a hyper stylised and beautiful setting. The upcoming 2017 MMOs battle system even centres around pet creatures a la Pokemon, so fans of all things cute and fuzzy will feel right at home as community actions will be able to reshape and transform the world around them.

8. Moonlight Blade

It’s not every day that an experience presents you with the opportunity and ability to ram around in a living and breathing Ancient China, but now thanks to Moonlight Blade in 2017 this looks set to be a reality. Generic title aside the game was originally revealed way back in 2012, but has since come a long way with a beautiful world sure to let tigers crouch and dragons hide, but when an MMO looks as good as this, why would you want to?

7. Dark and Light

If you thought it was impressive that Final Fantasy XV eventually saw a release this year, prepare to be blown away by the fact that Dark and Light – the upcoming MMO from Snail Games – looks on track to be set free in 2017 after a staggering 12 years in development. The MMO game touts a huge world of 25,000 square miles to explore and roam around in, with a unique day/night cycle that means the sun rises and sets in real time. I guess that’s where the title Dark and Light comes from, go figure!

6. Shadowgun Legends

A first-person shooter MMO that’s actually coming to Android and IOS devices, but wait don’t be frightened! Shadowgun Legends is the sequel to the original award-winning Shadowgun, this time tasking players to track down and eradicate hostile races from the galaxy with over a million other players. Describing itself as the “first mobile persistent world shooter”, there looks to be no shortage of things to do with the FPSMMO having hundreds of missions and quests to overcome.

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