Pets in games are just like our real life companions. They are by our side through thick and thin and explore the great, vast worlds we explore. These were the 5 most loyal pets in video games that stood by our side as we were traveling on epic adventures.

Loyal Pet #1 –  Dogmeat – Fallout Series


In the midst of a nuclear apocalypse, the best way for anyone to survive and not give in to the madness of such a traumatic event is to have a loyal German Shepherd by your side. An ongoing companion throughout the series, Dogmeat is arguably the best companion in Fallout and a real superstar on the Internet. Dogmeat has become the star of many of their games and Fallout fans all over the world adopt him in a second. Able to help you in your missions and attack enemies, Dogmeat is not only a great fighter, he is the soul of the game and truly man’s best friend. Fallout wouldn’t be the same without him.

Loyal Pet #2 – Rosalina’s Luma – The Mario Universe


Who would have thought that stardust could be this adorable? Rosalina has introduced her to her beautiful story about loneliness, search for lost families and the ultimate motherhood in Super Mario Galaxy where she adopted all of the little Lumas after being away from home and losing her own mother. Now with a beautiful family of thousands, she serves as their protector and reads them fairy tales as any mother would.  She does, however, keep one particular Luma with her at all times, the very first she adopted, through all the games and adventures that she can have. A true symbol of family and friendship, this Luma makes sure that she is never left alone ever again and the same values are instilled in her very extended family, as the many powers that Lumas have are used to help their friends. With a great sense of selflessness, those creatures are willing to give up their own lives for the sake of the world, making their story all the more beautiful and tragic.

Loyal Pet #3 – Epona – The Legend Of Zelda


What would be a badass princess’ saviour without its majestic stallion? Link is not your typical prince charming (just as Zelda is not your typical princess!). It’s obvious in any of the games from the series that he is and will always be a lone wolf. However, even the most solitary type of heroes need an adventure companion and a partner in the face of danger. The magnificent mare, Epona, seems to be his most loyal friend, one that will arrive as quickly as possible when called by her master. He reciprocates by saving her after a kidnapping in Majora’s Mask or an attack in Twilights Princess, as he is her only true rider. The relationship of the hero and his pet here is a touching one, but also an epic one, as she is able to help get him go through a lot of danger. After all, this horse was named after a celtic goddess for a reason.

Loyal Pet #4 – The Dog – The Fable series


Similarly to Dogmeat, the dog in Fable is a fierce companion that is both a friend to a lone hero and a great help during your missions. A complete part of the story and the game, the dog is here to guide the hero through quests and help them find treasures while also making sure he doesn’t feel alone. An actual character whose abilities can be enhanced, the dog grows along with the main character. Not only that but your dog will change along with your morality, appearing light and playful with a good player path or turning dark and hostile with an evil one. The dog is thus probably the most versatile pet of this game list and the one that you can interact the best with.

Loyal Pet #5 – The Blob – A Boy and his Blob


Probably the closest thing to an imaginary friend and the most abstract-looking pet of this list, an extra-terrestrial creature from Blobolonia falls on earth after fleeing a horde of enemies and meets a young child he instantly becomes friends with. The result is an epic adventure of proportions to save the world and a critically acclaimed video game. The shape-shifting creature definitely makes for a unique friend that cannot be forgotten easily, with his soft, Ghibli-inspired shape. With this one we get a different dynamic.  This is a more childish and innocent friendship, one that has the kind of heart you get for your very first pet. One that is mostly about the poetry of it, the growth of two characters together as one. As the Blob changes into different things to accommodate the Boy while they explore the world, we see the two of them beautifully blooming as one, sometimes stopping along the way for a heart-warming hug. At the end of their adventure, the two of them say their goodbyes as the Blob goes back to its own planet, leaving the Boy saddened as the loss of your first pet would.