The Assassin’s Creed series is filled to the brim with adventure, intriguing philosophical debates, and death…a lot of death, especially when you’re not very good at being stealthy. The unique feature of the series is that it’s based on historical events and characters. You’ll come across a lot of them, because the Assassins just can’t stop bumping into historically significant figures. To be fair, you’ll come across quite a few because you have to assassinate them to protect free will. These assassination missions never fail to provide some amount of satisfaction and fun, especially after the sometimes dull investigations. Here are the 10 best assassination missions in the Assassin’s Creed series. Spoilers ahead.

  1. Tamir (Assassin’s Creed)

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You’ve seen the game trailers, you bought Assassin’s Creed and excitedly waited your first kill. Before you could have it, you were put through a lengthy and dizzying tutorial, followed by the first of a many lengthy and repetitive investigation missions. In the end however, it all paid off and you were able to meet your target— Tamir, a black market merchant and, unbeknownst to Altair at the time, a member of the Templar order. The moment of the kill was rather simplistic, you had eavesdropped, pick-pocketed, and planned your way into the bazaar, to see Tamir coldly murder a man who had failed him, just before you coolly (or not) approached him and stabbed him in the belly with that awesome hidden blade. Tamir’s assassination makes it on to this Assassin’s Creed list, because you never forget your first.

  1. Abu’l Nuqoud (Assassin’s Creed)

assassins creedAfter yet another lengthy investigation, you learn that your target is just a bit eccentric in the eyes of the local populace. He hosts extravagant parties for his rich friends and the wine flows like a poisoned alcoholic beverage pouring out from a fountain. It’s a breathtaking scheme George RR Martin would be proud of. You’ll dodge the shower of arrows that follow, clamber up a statue and make your way toward the balcony where the bulbous Abu’l Nuqoud stands watching, just before he flees your hidden blade at break-neck speed. It’s all for nought. He won’t escape you. It’s hard to forget that mission and hard not to go back to it just once after you finish the game.

  1. Infrequent Flier (Assassin’s Creed II)

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We all remember Ezio Auditore de Firenze, clearing the path to the Doge’s (not that one) palazzo upon which his friends in the Thieves Guild would light fires for arguably the most memorable mission in the game. Ezio stood atop a tower with Leonardo Da Vinci, with a wooden setup built before him, supporting Da Vinci’s most enjoyable invention— his flying machine. You got to leap into the air, hanging on to glider with your fingers crossed, hoping that you won’t miss the next fire to keep you in the air. There were few other moments more satisfying than the moment you landed on the roof of the Doge’s palazzo, only to narrowly miss your opportunity to save him. It wasn’t a complete loss however. You still got that cowardly Carlo Grimaldi to wet your blade with his blood.

  1. Au Revoir (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood)

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There’s no question that when people think of the Assassin’s Creed series, they’re likely to think of Ezio. On more than one occasion, the Italian assassin has donned a disguise or two in order to infiltrate a fortress of some sort. One such occasion is when he murdered a host of French soldiers to steal their armour in order to rescue Bartolomeo D’Alviano’s wife, Pantasilea. When morning came, Ezio and Bartolomeo’s infantry (dressed as French soldiers) marched into Baron de Valois’ fortress with Bartolomeo in ropes (but not really). The battle is thrilling, the stakes high, the stealthy approach is just intense enough. What’s not to love about the assassination of Baron de Valois?

  1. End of the Road (Assassin’s Creed: Revelations)

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Okay, so as Ezio, you didn’t actually assassinate Prince Ahmet like you thought you would, but that doesn’t mean this assassination mission isn’t a spectacularly fun one. It starts with a long carriage chase with Ezio’s romantic interest beside him, like any good epic mission would, and later sees Ezio and Ahmet fighting as they fall from a great height. This mission is made that much better because it’s about vengeance and the memory (as well as the memories) of Altair. That isn’t even the best part. It’s the ending that puts the icing on this deliciously epic cake, even though Ezio’s hands don’t ever get to deal the killing blow to the treacherous Ahmet, the would-be sultan still meets his demise, and you’ll love it anyway, if only for the hilarity of it.

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