With what we know, 2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for gamers everywhere. While the last few months of Winter didn’t provide much in terms of entertainment, when Spring arrived, so did the adrenaline pumping fun with releases such as Far Cry Primal, Hitman, and Republique. In fact, just this month gamers rushed to stores to pick up their game copies of the highly anticipated (and near-impossible to beat) Dark Souls III.

The upcoming Summer months look to be filled with a fantastic selection of new video games to choose from when the time comes to expand your own personal collection. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet, let’s look at the new video game releases for May 2016.



The most talked about video game coming out in May 2016 is the fourth and final entry in the Uncharted franchise. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will cover Nathan Drake’s last adventure with all the familiar characters like Elena and Sully, as well as one very new one— Drake’s long lost brother, Sam, whose presence seemingly threatens to destroy the peaceful, settled life Nate and Elena have built for themselves. It should be noted that this was the last game that famed video game writer, Amy Hennig, was working on before leaving Naughty Dog for Visceral Games. The project was taken over by Neil Druckmann. Here’s hoping that the game despite the darker direction the story seems to have taken, it maintains all the gaiety and charm that made the last three Uncharted games so spectacularly fun, despite all of them sharing nearly identical plotlines. Look out for the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End video game release on May 10th 2016.


Doom Gun Shots

In that same week, fans of the decade-old video game Doom series may rejoice in seeing their childhood memories as a space marine shooting his way through the hordes from hell, receiving a reboot when Doom arrives in stores on May 13th 2016. Even if you’ve (somehow) never even heard of the Doom franchise before, if you’re into fast-paced action with demons and a massive arsenal, look no further. The game will include a few classic enemies such as the Mancubus and Cyberdemon, and a few of the old weapons such as the BFG 9000, and super shotgun. Players can now perform a melee takedown as well if you’re feeling brave enough. Even if you aren’t, the game will discourage you from taking cover behind objects or resting to regain health, instead, forcing you to collect health-regenerating potions dropped by your fallen foes. The game will also include the Doom multiplayer mode alongside its single-player campaign.



Speaking of reboots, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be delayed and rather than a May release we are looking at at June 7th 2016 for North America and June 9th 2016 for Europe. The tale of Faith Connors and the totalitarian regime has gone under something of an overhaul this time around. The game will focus on Faith’s origins and her fight against the totalitarian regime ruling over the city of Glass (formerly an unnamed city). The free-running mechanics have been integrated into the combat and the first person perspective seems somewhat refined. The reboot also promises more than just the game’s main plot. Side activities such as races and environmental puzzles will also be featured. It also offers an open world without loading times as opposed to the linear, platforming environment of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge video game release.



If you’d prefer guns however, May 17th 2016 will see the release of Homefront: The Revolution, the sequel to 2011’s Homefront. The first-person shooter set in the US in a dystopian future, will use many gameplay elements found in other popular first-person shooters such as the Call of Duty franchise, with the exception that Homefront: The Revolution will feature an open world. The plot revolves around Ethan Brady, the youngest member of the Resistance against, Philadelphia’s North Korean occupants. According to developers, players will have to explore the world and scavenge for parts to create weapons and equipment. The game will also feature various side activities such as assassination missions. The game will also offer a multiplayer mode which features new characters from the resistance, and is intended to be as difficult as Dark Souls. Because why not?



One last exciting addition to May 2016 selection of new video game releases is  Dead Island: The Definitive Edition which will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on May 31st 2016, packed with all pieces of DLC (Ripper weapon, and Bloodbath arena) and the expansion pack, Riptide. For those who haven’t played the game before, Dead Island is a first-person, open-world RPG which allows you to play and develop one of four characters: Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan Carter, and Purna, the tank, assassin, jack-of-all-trades, and support, respectively. The game puts an emphasis on melee combat, using weapons found around the island. Each weapon can be upgraded and customised to suit the player. The game also includes several classes of violent zombies which will put the player and character to the test, especially since the characters have a limited amount of stamina and will tire out after running, fighting or jumping, because apparently self-preservation isn’t enough of a stimulus for that sweet adrenaline rush. The new video game release will also include a 16-bit side-scrolling game called Dead Island: Retro Revenge just in case you wanted all the adventure and adrenaline of a fantastic video game without all the immersive material and that pesky extra dimension.

These are only a few of video games that are slated to hit shelves next month and they don’t include the various pieces of DLC and expansions that several other video games are offering, such as the Far Harbour DLC for Fallout 4. So as mentioned before, May is shaping up to be quite an interesting month. If you’re not too busy playing the 20-hour long Witcher 3 expansion, Blood and Wine, or exploring Black Ops III’s Eclipse DLC, you now have several perfect options to help you bide your time before June and its releases, like No Man’s Sky (Free Giveaway) and Ark: Survival Evolved. At least, you will if you play on consoles and haven’t already spent all your hard-earned money on March’s ever-seductive Steam sales.