Fallout 4 hasn’t been out for very long but the modding community has been hard at work pumping out thousands of Fallout 4 mods for fellow PC players to enjoy. There are several thousands of mods out there to choose from to enhance your post-apocalyptic wasteland gaming experience, but we’ve hand-picked 5 of the best Fallout 4 mods for you and your PC.



Ever wanted a Deathclaw of your own, fighting by your side and not, y’know, slicing your face off? The Creature Follower Esp Fallout 4 mod lets you do just that, and more. Choose from a wide array of enemy units (25 in all, 26 counting a spoilerrific bonus one) to recruit, from Synths to Mirelurk Queens. Followers whose races have gear functionality also have the option to equip and use items for added firepower. And the cherry on top of this Fallout mod cake is the fact that creature recruits won’t take up an additional follower slot, so a vanilla follower can still tag along on the journey.



Play mad scientist with the Any Mod Any Weapon mod, which gives you the ability to attach any weapon mod to any weapon, including, wait for it…melee weapons. The sky is the limit with this crazy weapon mod. Attach to your heart’s desire and rain havoc down on your foes using aptly-named stuff like a Recoil Compensated Huge Rapid Gatling Laser or a Fluter Triple Barrel Target Seeking Fat Man, a la Borderlands. Another one of the best Fallout 4 mods if you are a Firearms junkie.



If you think turrets and guns aren’t nearly enough security to protect your settlement, then you just might need a robot or two prowling the perimeters on the lookout for pesky raiders. In which case, get the Robot Home Defense Fallout 4 mod. You’ll still need to rank up your Robotic Expert perk and acquire a few Fusion Cores to make said robots, but the end products are well worth it. You get to pick from a huge variety of Fallout robots, like Mister Gutsies, Utility Protectrons, and Protrectron Brewers to keep your settlements supplied with food and water. The robots are able to escort you around, too. The future is now with the robot home defense mod.

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