What does it take to be a manly man? Is it about fighting hordes of demons from the underworld, Being a ladies man, or simply saving the world one punch (or gunshot) at a time? We honestly don’t know for sure but what we do know is that we can all tell who the alpha male is in these video games.

We have selected 4 of the manliest game characters that seem to be the alpha males in the video game industry.  I wonder if they are also considered the manliest characters in the cosplay circles… anyone?

  1. Batman


Coming in the fourth place is the ever vigilant and wickedly awesome Batman (Bruce Wayne).  A billionaire who’s smooth with the ladies and fights villains on a daily basis should totally be on our list. Besides his wealth, his composure in handling difficult situations is straight-up alpha make. His physical appearance is also an epitome of manliness and his battle tactics are superb. Let’s checklist this: defeated enemies that are way stronger than him? Check! Able to withstand the craziest forms of mental challenges? Check! Was able to defeat THE Man of Steel in the most tactical way possible? Check! We can’t think of a better character to kick-start this list of manliest game characters. Read all about Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight review.

  1. Diablo 3’s Barbarian (Sonya in Heroes of the Storm)


Our third spot choice for manliest game character is somewhat the opposite of Batman’s silent presence. The loud, menacing, ridiculously strong, axe-whirling Barbarian of the Diablo franchise. Although Blizzard chose the female barbarian to appear in Heroes of the Storm, she’s definitely manlier than most male characters. Sonya makes her enemies run in fear with a loud scream and she can definitely whirl not one, but two, giant axes!

  1. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Franchise)


Selecting a runner-up for proved to be more challenging than we expected. Winner of silver is Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. What’s not manly about Solid Snake? His presence alone is manly enough that it can alert a whole nation and yet still manages to slither his way out. He is the James Bond of video games… just a bit cooler and probably more sophisticated. He has his own way with the ladies too. Tactical and efficient, he has proven his worth as a contender for the manliest video game characters of all time.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Solid Snake is our number 2 manliest game character.  Make sure to check out our Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain review if you want more of Solid Snake.

  1. Kratos (God of War)


Slaying the Greek Pantheon in a quest for vengeance and turning them into weapons is definitely not an easy task. Even Zeus himself stood no chance against Kratos’ raw strength and sheer will. You don’t get to be called The God of War for no reason; you earn it and Kratos definitely has. Also, let me remind you that he took down most of the titans (yeah, those humongous, god-eating, raging beasts? It was a piece of cake for Kratos).  His mad skills, loud screams, manly appearance and brutally sadistic combat style bring home the gold.  Kratos is the God of War and winner of our manliest game characters gold medal!

Are we missing any video game characters that are manlier than those in our list? Shout out in the comment section!